Razer Blade 2015 laptop Review, Specs And Price

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Just as the name suggests, the Razor Blade 2015 laptop sports a Slim and highly attractive design combined with Solid graphics and overall performance that will wow you. The bright and detailed display and the Good battery life makes this notebook an excellent choice for a gaming laptop.

The Design

Aside from have having a classy slim design the Razer gives gamers just enough ports to plug in essential peripherals, such as mice and headphones. A single USB 3.0 port sits on the right, with a full HDMI port and a Kensington lock slot. On the left, you’ll find another pair of green-tinted USB 3.0 ports with jacks for headset and power.

General Performance

Aside from the fact that the Razer Blade 2015 laptop is just perfect for any addicted gamer, the Razer Blade is a multitasking, multimedia giant . The laptop’s 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor with 16GB of RAM streamed the latest videos on the Internet while running a full-system scan with 10 open tabs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The Price

As expected, the Razer Blade 2015 laptop will break your bank at a starting price of N380.000. This should however depend on the configuration you are going for.

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