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Dubai-based Smartphone makers –Innjoo is one of the top new entrants into the Nigeria Mobile Market, churning out Smartphone ranging from just N10,000 to about N30,000.One of the latest release from the company is the Innjoo Halo with a price tag of 13,500 and a unique selling point of a mammoth battery life. We got a pre release copy here @ Ebimablog and here is our performance review & how well it will take on some of the heavy weights from Infinix, Tecno, Wiko & even Itel.

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At first glance the Innjoo Halo got a very cool look which in my own judgment looks so feminine. The business side of the phone is populated by a 5-inch display with enormous bezels all round the display. The rear features a plastic removable panel that curves towards the polycarbonate frame on the sides. This frame accommodates both the power button & the volume rocker on the right, micro-USB port on the left, audio jack up top, and the noise canceling Mic at the bottom.

Hidden under the removable rear panel are two SIM card slots, microSD card slot, and a user-removable battery. Innjoo claims the rear cover is made of same Kevlar material with which the Infinix Zero 2 was made, though effort was made to mimic the Kevlar texture, but in reality the rear is just pure polycarbonate. The rounded back seats well in one’s palms without attracting any fingerprints or smudges. The overall design though not a killer design looks very attractive.

Display & User Interface

On the Business side of it, the innjoo Halo flaunts a 5-inch FWGA (4880×854 pixels) IPS display. Viewing angles & color reproduction is pretty nice while Sunlight eligibility gets better with increased level of brightness.


The Innjoo Halo ships with a 5 megapixel rear camera, which is a bit of a letdown, compare to the more typical 8 megapixel cameras on rival’s phones like the Infinix Hot. In actual usage, the Innjoo Halo performs terribly bad at some point in time ,but manages to get a clear focus at some point – at least for a 5MP camera ,I think the Innjoo Halo camera deserve a dash of commendation.

The Innjoo halo with its 2MP front facing camera obviously isn’t optimized  for use in area with low light, performance in a well lit environment is superb for a 2MP camera while it struggled to produced a visible/visible  snapshots in low lit environment  .While i wont like to overstretch the performance of the rear & front camera in a well lit environment,the two images below  summarizes my experience with both camera.

Camera interface is clean and easy to navigate with HDR, front & rear camera switching mode up the interface while the video, photos & Panorama switching tab down the interface. For selfie lover you will be quite disappointed as the innjoo Halo does not support Hands free selfie.

In a nut shell, the innjoo Halo surely isn’t for you if Camera is of utmost importance to you when deciding which phone to buy.


The battery  according to innjoo is the pride of the innjoo Halo parading a 3,500mAh capacity battery.I know alot of fans surely will be interested in this part of the the review.So far the Innjoo Halo has really showed off the power it has within.

When fully charged,the Innjoo Halo should take you through more than a day of moderate use .In our case,we were able to squeeze out 42 hours before we had the recourse to go for recharge at about 15% mark .About 40% of the time we were connected to th net over Wi-fi,while the other part included regular calls,messaging,a bit of game and running of our benchmark test.

Turning off your Wi-Fi connection & of course Switching to  the battery saver mode will even save you extra juice.Generally the battery is dependent on the user, a heavy user unlike i am is likely to get out 18 hours or even less from the the Innjoo Halo

Software & Performance

Contrary to some claims online of the innjoo Halo running  latest Android Lollipop 5.1 out of the box  ,the innjoo Halo actually  runs the out dated Android 4.4 Kitkat,but it is fully optimized &  enabled to receive the Lollipop update if Innjoo decides to push out such update.The OS is overlaid with Innjoo own UI with slight modifications,retaining the App drawer with lots of pre installed Apps.

Included is a theme section & wall where you can change the look of your UI with a bunch of pre-installed themes.

So far,we have  not recorded  any lags when navigating  around the interface or in apps. Multitasking didnt pose any issue. However we did noticed a very pertinent issue when tapping the screen, it seem  too slippery thereby  turning intended “taps” turning into short “swipes” . Also we  practically were not able to transfer files to & from PC via USB due to the inability of our Windows PC to recognize the Device ,we attempted using other USB cord to get it work,but all failed.We can not say for sure if this is just peculiar to our review unit or a general problem.

It is worth mentioning that the Innjoo Halo never for once get unnecessarily heated up during our time of usage,i think this is a very big plus for the Innjoo Halo maker.

Results from the AntuTu & Quadrant test were quite on point .Below are screen shots of its AnTuTu Benchmark and Quadrant tests.


The Innjoo Hal will be available on Jumia.com.ng at a price tage of N13,500.At the moment,the device isnt available,but we expect it in the next few days


Having your Phone running all day with a decent battery is cool, but that isn’t enough to give the Innjoo Halo a success story.

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7 Replies to “Hands on: Innjoo Halo review”

  1. Mode oludewa

    Hello,my system could not read the injoo halo and that’s messed up!!! How can I not transfer files from my PC to my phone via USB!!! Doesn’t make sense,please any help to over come this flaw will be appreciated.


    1. All my apps keeps stopping with the feedback “unfortunately name of app has stopped” then all apps will stop

    2. If my phone is on with a particular battery percentage it stays like that until it goes off unaware

    3. I find it difficult switching on the phone it keeps telling me encryption failed unless i reset to factory settings and when i try clicking reset it wont reset. I will have repeat switching on/off until Android starts app before it comes on

    Please is there anything i have to do to stop it from the above problems because it makes me loose money as my phone does everything for me, thank you

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