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5 Sure Ways To Conserve Data On Your Smartphone


If you are from a country like Nigeria you are certainly aware that one major challenge with using a smartphone here is the cost of data. This is not far from the fact that network operators here are truly in for a rip off to the disadvantage of loyal customers. You can surf Facebook by using the Android operamini browser. ou can imagine getting a 250MB data at the rate of N1000 and they call it a promo. Well since we are in already the sure bet will be to find a way to preserve your data and that’s the focus here. If you are ready then let’s go.

1. Ignore the Facebook App: I know this doesn’t sound too good but if you are serious about conserving data you really need to ditch the Facebook app. This is because the app streams live updates from your friends and chats, and that means more data consumption.

2. Ignore Chrome And US Browser : Well this is not about talking down on any company or product but the truth is these browsers don’t care about data cost in your country, they render webpages exactly the way they are without any form of compression. Opera browser should be your friend if you are serious about conserving data but this is at a cost, yeah Opera browser saves about 90% of your data but you may be denied access to the full functionality of a website. For example, if you will be making online payment via interswitch then using opera mini browser would be frustrating.

3. RestrictBackground Data : This is the best way of saving data but I don’t like doing this because Whatsapp and BBM is useless without background data turned on.

4.Uninstall Auto-Updating App : Some apps are good at updating themselves when ever you turn on your data. This can be very annoying so the best thing would be to uninstall them.

5. Use WI-FI At Any opportunity : If you are in places like a university environment you may be lucky to have a free WI-FI connection waiting. Funny enough, most smartphone users including myself sometimes forget that their phone is WIFI enabled.

We hope thishelps you save some costs. Cheers! h

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