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2 Easy Ways to Identify Fake SD Cards


Recently fake memory or SD cards seem to have flooded the market. You should certainly  know you have gotten a fake SD card when you buy a card of 8GB only to use 250mb out of it and then get the “memory full” alert. Physicallya speaking there is no difference between a real SD card and a fake one but luckily enough some tools can help you check the originality of your card. So how is this done?

METHOD 1: Use SD Card Insight(. for Android phones)

SD card insight is a great mobile phone application which runs on the Android operating system. What this app does is simple. It helps you get the ACTUAL detailsof the inserted SD card. Using this app is also very easy. All you need do is to simply insert your SD card into the phone and launch SD card insight from your phone. When it opens you should see the actual details of your card including the real size of that card. SDd card insight is an Android app so you can download it from Google Play store.

. METHOD 2: H2testw

H2testw is a free PC tool. Unlike the SD card insight this app runs on a computer so it can do more than just verifying the originality of your card. This tool can also be used to check flash drive or any other removable device connected to your PC. You can download H2testw from Here

With these two tools, you should definitely not fall victim to fake SD card peddlers.


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