Meet The 10 Top selling Smartphones In Nigeria – Ist Half 2015

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One of Nigeria’s top  online shopping portal  has released the “Top selling  Smartphones” report for the First half  of 2015. This report from all indications is based on Smartphones sales from the online shopping portal.

The report indicates that fast rising Infinix Mobility occupies the  first two Slots with  dwindling Blackberry having  the third position while Infinix Mobility again grabs the Fourth position.Tecno mobile is no where to be found among the top five best sellers.





While Tecno seems to have lost the top shot in the budget segment of the market, it is worthy of Note  that Infinix Mobility which occupies the first,second and fifth  position  is growing at an alarming rate.For tecno Mobile to regain its position as the top sellers in the budget segment  , it will  need a Megahit product at at a very fair price to regain momentum otherwise, there is every tendency that Infinix Mobility will continue to maintain the lead in the  remaining half  of  this year.

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