Infinix Zero 2 X509 Hands-On Review

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Infinix Mobility is among the top few players in the affordable  smartphones market segment in Nigeria and Africa at large. The company entered Nigerian Market before 2014 with some midly priced device,but it didn’t rise to much prominence until the release of the Infinix Zero in 2014 thanks to tough competition from brands like Tecno and others.

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The Infinix Zero  despite packing powerful hardware ad software was however held back by some errors evident from users complain ranging from  fragile screen,terribly bad battery life,over heating amongst other complains.With the Infinix Zero 2, Infinix Mobility  simply made a whole lots of improvement on the dark sides of the Infinix  Zero while  it still added some additional features.

We published a  technical specifications & overview of the Infinix of the Infinix Zero 2 X509 a while back and now we are in for a Full hands-on review of the Infinix Zero 2 x509.You may also wish to check out the Infinix Zero 2 X509 unboxing photos.

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Designs & Physical Appearance

In terms of design and physique,the new Infinix Zero 2 hasn’t deviated from the design language of the Infinix Zero 1,except that it has shielded some weight and now also slimmer.It weighs only 118 grams   &  just 6.7mm thick.

The Infinix zero 2 display  is well protected with Gorilla Glass 3 while the rear is made of Kevlar which is 5 times stronger than steel.This in my opinion is a big leap over the Infinix zero 1 whose rear is made a tough Dragontrail Glass .

Its  edges are comprised of metallic -textured material,Of course, one could easily  argue that the sides look almost identical to that of innjoo One 3G HD , but that of the Infinix zero 2 is well styled with somewhat rounded rim which makes  the phone a pleasure to grip and hold.

The  Micro Sd tray, volume control   as well as the   power controls occupy the right edge of the device,while the  left edge occupies the SIM  slot where you can stuff two micro SIM into.

The rear of the device is predominated by a non removable cover made of kevlar with a smooth feel and  designed of diagonal patterns which look so much appealing.The 13mp camera occupies the upper right hand side of the device while the infinix zero branding is also visible .

Infinix mobility took a different approach by locating the speaker at the bottom,meaning placing your infinix zeo 2 on a flat surface wont interfer with your Speaker Volume wont reduce the music volume. Finally, up the device, there’s a 3.5mm jack for listening to media through headphones  and a micro USB port.

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Much hasn’t change in terms of display,the Infinix zero 2 features same  5.0″ screen ,but now with   Super Amoled HD Display and a Corning gorilla glass 3 protection.Screen Resolution and Pixels density still remain at 720x1280p and 294PPI respectively.The display is vibrant while color reproduction is at its best.

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With various  OEM now making smartphones with a battery capcity as huge as 10,000mAh,battery live and capacity is now very significant  when choosing a smartphone.

The Zero 2 houses a non user removable 2300mAh battery,yes it is a very slight upgrade compare to infinix zero 1 1920mAh battery, but  obviously well appreciated  and enough to make a big difference.No rating was given for the battery,but i was able to get full 3days of  use without internet connection,no gaming or whatsoever,just making and receiving calls with just about 50% of charge.

When fully charged at 100%,you are sure of  7 days of use on standby,but with intermittent browsing over Wifi/3G, taking photos and selfies,i  was left with 59% after 26hours.The Battery obviously isn’t the best you can get around,at least not with the Infinix Hot Note around,but general battery life is way above that f Infinix zero 1.I  expected Infinix zero 2 to be fitted with a battery capacity of about 4000mAh or above considering its price tag.

Interestingly,there is the Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode which helps you to conserve battery when running out of juice. The power saving mode  deactivates just some  key features that won’t have any negative effect on the phones’s overall  performance while Ultra Power Saving, goes to the extreme by disabling virtually all features, except Contacts,Phone,Messages and clock.

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For most peeps,the camera is another important deciding feature when shopping for Smartphones, I was absolutely satisfied with what the 13mp camera had to offer. It’s actually hard for me to compare it with a higher pixels camera  cause i haven’t used a phone with pixels greater than 13megpixel,but compare to the Infinix Hot Note’s  8megapixels,it is obviously a big Win for the Zero 2.

That said , Photos from both the rear 13 megapixel camera and 5 megapixel front camera have been impressive from what I’ve seen, with a good level of detail and color reproduction with outdoor and indoor  shots , but  the white balance didn’t make any much of difference.

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In my One week of using  the Infinix zero 2, i didn’t notice any major flaw  during daily usage. It was a good experience all through ,but for a little failure where the phone refused responding for about 2 minutes till i reset to factory mode . The phone however did  get hot in extreme use ,fortunately it  doesn’t get unbearable as it was with the Infinix Zero 1.

The AnTuTu and Geekbench 3 scores of 27,539 and 2515  placed the device slightly above the Xiaomi Redmi Note & the Samsung galaxy s5 respectively even though they are not  based on the same SoC. The Infinix Zero 2 is a better performer compare with the Infinix Hot Note based on the AnTuTu scores.

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Specifications ,Operating System & RAM

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Infinix Zero 2 uses  a  2.0GHz octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU (MediaTek MT6592 chipset)  , 2GB of RAM with  16G/32GB  of storage space. This can be expanded by up to 32GB using a microSD card. I am yet to confirm if  the Micro-USB port can act as a host for USB devices{OTG} . The device  runs Android 4.4.2 with  support for  OTA update ,it also comes with a little bit of UI tweak.It is also been speculated Infinix may roll out  upgrade to  Android 5.0 Lollipop  in coming months.

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From my experience with the Zero 1 & the Infinix zero 2, the Zero 2  seems to have  checked a lot of important boxes. It comes with a better battery ,generous internal storage ,responsive and easy to use and very light in weight.

The Zero 2 would have been better off with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box.I consider the associated price tag too hefty with Kitkat.

If you’re already in love with the Infinix Hot Note’s large display and  massive battery ,there  may be no  point in upgrading, but if you prefer a device that fits into one hand comfortably,the Infinix Zero 2 should be on your top list.



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14 Replies to “Infinix Zero 2 X509 Hands-On Review”

  1. Ipati Hope

    Super amoled and ips-lcd which would be crispier? Cause zero 2 uses super amoled while htc uses ips-lcd…the two phones are quiet similar..but I want the one with best display and camera

  2. Azubiky

    Nice review Ige, I love the way you detailed everything, keep it up.

    But to me these guys are joking, while unbranded android phones by china manufacturers are coming with Lollipop 5.1 out of box and 400ppi , 3000mAh and above battery capacity, smart gestures etc.

    This so called flagship only came with outdated os V 4.4 (now planning to update to V 5.0 another outdated OS) and 294 ppi with a mere 2300mAh battery.

    In as much as they tried by making the display Super Amoled but why with 56k colors and not 16M colors?

    Again I think the Antutu benchmark I have seen so far is above 34k.

    They are not serious for business yet

    I rather go for Elephone P7000 or Ulefone Be touch 2 than waste my 33k on this except they reduce the price. Or if I want cheap I go for unbranded phones with Android 5.1, smart gestures etc that sell bellow $150

  3. phorlarkemy

    sincerely speaking infinix really tried with that phone and d price……check gionee htc phones, check the price of phones with infinix zero 2 specification……you will know the price is not too much

  4. Obii

    I’m currently using Zero2 and my contacts keep misplacing names & numbers (a name sometimes appear wt another person’s number).
    pls any idea on what to do?

  5. Gt

    I also noticed, my battery reduced to 27% at night and before I slept, I turned off my data and by the following morning my battery was now 81%. Any reason?

  6. Friday

    I put my zero 2 to ultra power saver and now the ultra saver refused to off. it goes off and on immediately. I can’t access anything in my phone. not even the application button. all I am allowed to do is make call, message, clock and contact. I have done factory reset but it still did not go off from ultra power saver.
    please help

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