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Blackberry Passport – A Review


There are tons of Blackberry models in the phone market but its latest addition the Blackberry Passport; launched September 24th, 2014 features uniqueness and a deviation from what obtains previously. The large size of the phone,form factor, touchscreen enabled keyboard are surely unique features that stands it out among recently released phones.

The makers of the phone would say it is the size of an international passport with its width [3.56 inches] and height [5.04 inches], asserting that Blackberry passport  is the identity of its owner. Attempting to crack a joke, said the phone is exactly the size of a table tennis bat, being so wide that it would take someone with large hands to conveniently operate it.

Everything from the build, craftsmanship and quality of material all packed in one makes the phone one that would easily attract classy and stylish smartphone buffs.

But for little glitches, the blackberry passport would have passed for a 100% flawless and unmatchable piece of technology that every discerning techie should own.

Let’s run through the features of the phone:

Before you go further, I must assure you that this is Blackberry’s unorthodox phone build, a clear departure from the models manufactured in the past – thinner, wider, faster and characterized by great efficiency.

Operating System:

This device runs on Blackberry 10.3 OS and desktop software known as Blackberry Blend which connects the smartphone to regular computer or tablet. There is also the place of the Blackberry Link software which gives room for data and media synchronization.


The phone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with a 2.2GHz Quad-core CPU; Adreno 330, 450MHz GPU on a 3GB RAM memory and 32GB Flash laced with an expandable 128GB MicroSD memory card. Talking about speed, I am yet to see a match from rival phone makers. The already fast phone even runs faster with the 3GB RAM that comes with it. I bet we have no match for now.


The inclusion of Amazon app store is in the making of the passport is interesting as it avails you the opportunity to download your apps liberally just as would on your Android devices.

Apps made for Blackberry works well than ones that are third party even though the third party apps are essential to the Android experience. The Amazon App debuts on the Blackberry passport and really has a world of applications you can download Android apps from.

Network connectivity:

This really smartphone runs almost all the network bands, a great improvement on past models of Blackberry. Laced with Wi-Fi Direct, 4G mobile hotspot technology, autonomous GPS, the connectivity is top-notch.


The interface of the phone right from the home screen, the upwards swipes, multitasking function, makes the phone a user friendly phone especially for work related activities. Switching between pages has never been easier than it obtains on the passport.


Again, the keyboard/track pad technology is exclusive to Blackberry passport in that, it is the only model in the market right now that has a keyboard with dual functionality albeit with a slim space bar and not so responsive keys.

On the keyboard too are keys that tasks and actions can be assigned to so much that they work as shortcuts to documents and files on the phone. For instance, if “Login to twitter” was assigned to the letter “T”, this takes you to your destination file. With the Blackberry passport keyboard, your phone activity is faster and is actually easier and smudgy screens won’t be on your list of worries.

What’s more, the Alt key that is common on phone has been moved to the touchscreen and more activities can now be done without relying on the keyboard.

Actually I agree that the passport is to be used by people who need the keyboard other than that, one does not have to go out of your way to purchase the luxury phone.



Some HTC phones and Blackberry Z series have good speakers but the speaker of the Blackberry passport sound is clearer, these are the best speakers I have ever seen. These speakers are impressive to say the least. The speakers are loud like Chinese phones but with much better sound quality.


Blackberry passport has a resolution of 1440 X 1440, 24-bit colour depth and a screen size of 4.5 inches diagonal and an aspect ratio of 1:1.The screen is really wide but works more for emails and web pages than for videos and games, so if you are a game lover, this phone may not be designed for you because you cannot view you game on a full screen.

Also, it is interesting to discover that before now, Blackberry phone makers used the AMOLED technology to build the screen of its phones but have returned to a common LCD display for the passport. The touch-screen can be saved from smudges and scratches since the keyboard also performs the function of a track pad. The display is partly High Definition.


To capture those great moments that mean a lot to you and your loved ones, the Blackberry passport is one of those few smartphones I would recommend . Take a few pictures with the device and behold the amazing quality it would produce.

Shutter speed is cool, quality is cool, and the camera is cool unlike the low quality we have always experienced with previous models of Blackberry phones.

With a 13 megapixel auto-focus camera and optical image stabilization, the passport’s camera should be able to compete to a considerable extent with phones that have solid inbuilt camera in market.

However, focusing on objects is slow especially with objects that are up-close.


One major challenge of most smartphones is battery life, including Blackberry phones. With the coming of the Blackberry passport, it seems the end has come to battery issues that are commonly associated with smartphones. With the Blackberry passport, you may have to open all applications and run them throughout the day to drain your battery. If however, usage is moderate, the battery life can stay up to two full days – 48 hours.

Hardly would you charge the phone as opposed to having to charge it hourly which is common with smartphones.

The non-removable 3,450mAh battery is arguably one of the longest-lasting smartphone battery ever made. Many would want to get this kind of phone with a battery as this but it is affordable only for a few persons, selling between 100,000 and 126,000. I would give the Blackberry Passport a 4.95 rating on a scale of 1-5. The battery is as big as its life.


Our Verdict:

If you get a chance to buy the Blackberry Passport with the efficiency, speed and high-end technology packed into it, you will be glad you did,you may however have to empty your Bank account to get one of this device. Nonetheless, you might need a giant hand to be able to use the phone without both hands, owing to the design and size of the device. Above all, but for the small screen size when playing game which is of equal importance to me as a game lover as emails are important to business owners, Blackberry manufacturers pulled this one off.

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