Infinix Hot Note X551 Specs & Price

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Infinix Hot Note as the name suggests  is more or less like the infinix Hot but with a larger display,slimmer and longer body.So, if you fancy the fast selling infinix hot , but prefer a bigger screen, the 5.5-inch infinix Hot Note will be a better option for you.The infinix Hot Note is been touted as the slimmest and lightest 5.5 inches smartphone in the market right now.It is 8.9mm thick and weighs only 172g.The Infinix Hot Note Pro is now available.

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Where to Buy Infinix Hot Note  x551 in Kenya & Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria |N24,500|Buy Now |Ksh 9,999 | Buy Now


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The Infinix Hot Note features a 5.5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD display, powered by a 1.4Ghz mediatek octacore processor .As for the  RAM& ROM,the infinix hot Note is supported by the same 1GB  RAM and 16GB ROM  found on the base Infinx Hot.With a 1.4GHz octacore processor ,the infinix hot Note  should run smoothly and optimally.


Thedevice houses a 8MP main camera with 0V8865 image sensor ,the main camera captures HD video at 30 FPS.There is also a 2MP front camera with support for 75% wide angle shooting for easy selfies with friends and families. The device supports dual SIM  withboth supporting 2G/3G.


Infinix Hot Note runs on  Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)  with SELinux-a new  security modules that check all incoming programs for your device,it also screens Internets apps for permission to use your personal data.The infinix Note Hot is backed by a massive 4000mAh with fast charging mode which allows you to charge your device up to 75% of battery in 50 minutes.

Pricing and availability

The Infinix Hot Note comes in various colors and  Premium finishing with metallic texture. The device  available in Anthracite Grey, Mint Green, Champagne Gold and Copper Brown. The infinix Hote Note X551 is currently  for purchase from Jumia or Konga at o #24,500 only and comes bundled with free 2015MB worth of data from MTN Nigeria.

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  2. Pls can u help with a back-up, stock or custom rom for infinnix x551 as mine is bricked. Thanks for your anticipated conceern.

    1. Just click on the link provided on this post and follow the instruction,but you may call me to help u place order if you wish or just send your address to 07030285972

  3. Sir Ebima phillips gud morning sir pls sir i just got my hot note yday and 2 be frank the machine is nice but though i av nt confirmed the bar3 bt the appearance is ok now my problem is dat the camera its flash cannot work and pls does the phone support OTG cos i want to get one today tanx

    1. Welcome to the World of Infinix Note,I advise you check your camera settings if the flash is off,if it off u have to turn it on or put it on auto mode.The device supports OTG,though i havent used it on mine Note,but from users experience

    1. It is N23,500 when you buy from konga or jumia,you can order through the link provided or mail me your adress,,namw and fone number so i can place order for u

  4. Hi…
    I’m literally in love with the infinix zero, but, from what I’ve been hearing about it, i must say I’m really skeptical about buying it.

    My major attraction is a large internal storage, because i use a wide range of applications on-the-go.
    I’d like a good comparison between the hot note and zero..


    1. the infinix hot is better if you are looking for a phone with insane battery life and fast charge time.So far i have received five updates on mine.which means infinix actually cares about this phone.Techno rarely push out updates.

  5. Comment… Plz does it mean that U pay once your phone is delivered to you. pls I need a feedback NCOs I want to buy the phone. Thanks.

  6. Good morning sir am leaving at jos plateau state how can i get the infinix x551 or should i give my ful address 07030844073 farin gada tomatoes market jos.

  7. i want to buy infinix x551 but my problem is do i pay for the delivery or is only money for phone i will pay, bcos am leaving in awka . and my friend said that the battery don,t last is that true

  8. i got my infinix hot note 2de n the guy told me there is 16gb inbuilt memory therefore there’s no need 4 external memory.but now i see space 4 memory card which i believed it should not have been there.

    1. you have been deceived.No doubt the Infinix Hot Note comes with 16GB internal memory,but there is still room for memory card of up to 32GB incase u need extra storage

  9. Please, i live in Ondo State. How long will it take for delivery?
    Will the price be reduced during 1st- 7th June promo on Jumia?

    1. Where in Ondo state do u live? Usually it takes 3-5 days for delivery.Yea there will be some percentage discount during the mobile week.Call 070730285972 for assistance if you need any

  10. I love this phone,but my worry is that the dual sim are all mini/micro,I would have prefer it to be one full sim and mini like infinix hot,so I would have to get two mini sim.I used the camera it was excellent. Good phone

  11. Comment…pls sir is their any warranty cos i need one hot and am staying at ibadan iwo road oyo state

  12. Pls, how and where can I change the case of my Techno M5 phone if likely it can be changed? Thanks and pls do reply…

  13. sir, does this phone actually has the capacity to charge itself ? bcos a frd of mine who is using the phone told me it can charge it self wen the battry life has gone down to 20%

    1. You probably misunderstood your friend or your Friend didnt get it well.I t cant charge itself,it only comes with power saving mode that enables the phone saves some power by disabling some background apps,goto settings,power management to activate it

  14. Hello…pls, aside the RAM and Internal storage…is there any other difference between infinix hot note X551 and note pro?

  15. hello the infinix hote note i bot from jumia hsa a red thin line on d side of d screen. pls ow do i change it. cos d one my frnd bot too on jumia does nt hv dat thin red line, cos i kne its abnormal.

  16. pls u said d price of infinix hot note is 23,500 but am seeing 24,800 in all your sites pls may i no d price as at now and av been trying to order but cant pls help am in Ibadan dugbe

  17. please i want no if infinite hotnote battery can replace with new one if is weak. becos dey said dat d battery is nonremovabe.

  18. Pls wat is the current price for infinix hot note pro? How long will it take to be delivered to minna, Niger state? Is it possible to pay on delivery and how much is the delivery charge? Does the phone come with pouch?

  19. please about infinix zero 2, the battery can last for how many hours if i didn’t chat browse or whatsoever just making call and receiving?!!

  20. Pls , what’s the current price of the infinix hot note now at jumia/Konga & hw much do u think is sold in slot or in computer village.

  21. pls my infinix hot note pro is not as fast in charging anymore,i used more than 2follow come charger and cable but all the same,pls save my soul.and i love this phone die

  22. Sir my infinix hot note battery does not last up to 6hours and u said it’s 4.000mah
    Is the battery faulty or what any1 with any idea on that?

    1. How long have you been using the phone? If it’s a new one, then the battery probably has fault. But if it’s a long-used one like I suspect it is, the battery may have worn out and needs a replacement. It also depends on how you yourself use and charge it.

      Overall, I would advise you to get a new battery specifically for the phone.

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