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Top 5 Best Smartphones of All Times and There Specifications Spew


Smartphone come and go, but only the best stays, they are so many type of smartphone in the world and yet only the best are purchased and used up by people.

They are billion and one type of smartphone in the market , so many smartphone manufacturer produce a lot of smartphone and lunches it straight into the market.

Today i shall share the top 5 best android smartphone of all time, with a brief specification, and features about this android smartphone,.

Note:  these4 android phones are tagged best because of the amount of sales they have in the android market, and the level of customer satisfactions it gave. due to different locality it may not be considered as the best, but currently smartphone wise, here are smartphones that are worth buying.

1) Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus

Short Specification


13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The phone has a 5 inch HD display, a 1 GB RAM, a 1.7 GHz Octa-Core processor and a battery life of around 20 hours. The sleek and attractive design of this phone


2.  Panasonic P61

Short Specification


dual SIM phone is priced at Rs 13,540 and has a battery life of upto 10 hours. With a 1 GB RAM storage, 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor and 6 inch HD display, this phone comes with a brilliant 8 MP primary and 2 MP secondary camera.

3. Moto G ( By Motorola)

Short Specification


The phone has runs on a 1 GB RAM and a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core processor. It also has a great battery life of upto 24 hours and a primary as well as secondary camera of 5 MP and 1.3 MP respectively.

4. Xperia L

short specification


This phone is teamed up with a 1 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Processor, a battery life of upto 9 hours, a 1GB RAM and a 4.3 inch HD display. The only drawback for selfie lovers could be its secondary camera which is of 0.3 MP unlike its 8 MP primary camera which produces pretty pictures.


5. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

short Specification

Samsung Galaxy Alpha .the smartphone had been spotted having the same design and style like other Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and cost same price as the iphone 6, but yet does not out ways the iphone 6 specififcatiosn in any way, the smartphone has 4.7 inch screen size and many other general smarphone features. Personally had not seen a unique feature of this smartphone.

The above listed smartphone are my list of the top best android smartphone in Ghana my current locality, whats yours, add yours to the list.


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