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Airtel Nigeria recently  launched a new data plan which designed to help you get more from your Android device.. The airtel android  bundle gives you monthly  access to BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook And all other apps running on your android device just for a token

Airtel android data plan just like the dedicated blackberry  data plans is  exclusive to Android devices only.Without beating around the bush here, there are currently three Airtel Android data plans and they are:

  • 2GB : N2000
  • 3GB (Night plan) : N2,500
  • 4.5GB : N3,500

Airtel Nigeria Offers Unlimited Whatsapp access at N100 Monthly access Fee

The  three Airtel Android data plans/bundle all come with a one month validity period and they are all  billed at 1.5K/KB (As opposed to 1k/kb on regular data bundles,and as opposed to Airtel BB subscriptions billed @ 2k/kb when used on non bb devices ) and between 10pm and 5:59am, you will be billed at 1k/kb.

How To Activate/Subscribe to The Airtel  Android Plans/Bundle

To activate  any of the  airtel android plan,simply recharge the needed amount,and dial  *141*1# on your phone,You will be presented with a  list of Data plans for different phones. Select Android by Replying 2 ,you can then choose from the list of android plans available.

Alternatively,you can use the short codes below to activate/subscribe to any of the android plans

To activate the 2GB Android bundle @ N2000 for 30days, simply dial *437#

To activate the 4.5GB Android bundle @ N3500 for 30days, simply dial *438#

How To Check Balance of Airtel Android Data Plans

To check the status/balance  of your android plan,simply dial *223# and wait for the response while you enjoy fast internet browsing on your phone if you upgrade to 4G Data Browser.

While some people still see this as a rip off,i  sincerely wish to say its far a better option compare to normal data plan and the airtel bb plan on non bb devices,what do you think?


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      1. Yeah, I agree with you, wat we need is 3g for 1k. Why all d high price? One cannot download a movie he will see in the market store for N200 with a subscription of N1000.

  1. awesome post you have here, airtel is one of the network that try to under its users and provide for them with the cheap and subsidized products and services.

    My android can now enjoy

  2. My android after the 2gb airtel subscription cant access Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, email etc. I can only access d web wit my chrome browser.

    1. There isn’t a known code yet to check expiry date, but you should get notifications some days prior to your data expiry.

  3. Currently i was using android bundle 4gb for 2k 60days, and it just exhausted, so i want to renew it, the code i used was *437# and i ‘m seeing same code for 2gb for 2k 30days, why?

    1. The 4GB for N2,000 code is *437*1# and it only works for those who are eligible for the promo… I guess long and loyal subscribers on the network.

  4. The fact is that the prices are much to spend as we the student I love airtel but the much amount there to spend sucks me…… Please if possible let there be a complete subscription or let’s say unlimited subscription as low as 500 naira or 600. Thank u one love with Airtel

  5. Comment…that is 9ice.. I just lky subscription.. as a student it costly to b spending on dis BT all finger are equal dat is if u can help us for unlimited subscription for either 300 – 500 we all be happy also…..

  6. Iuse wifi during the day monday to saturday, i dont download yet the suppose 4gb finished in less than 3weeks, who is decieving who?

  7. I love Airtel a lot. I had to port two other lines to Airtel for my wife and myself in addition to the existing one.

    But the issue is that most times the network is not strong enough as compared to when we were using etisalat. A page will browse and browse and come up with service time out or page can display…etc

    And again, the N2,000 for 2GB is way way on a high side.
    You should do something about these and everybody will enjoy and continue the patronage.
    Thank you.

  8. Please can we have 1gb plan for 30 days at 1k for android phone cos not everyone can afford 2k for 2gb


  9. Pleas airtel, ur android custormers are begging, pleas help reduce dis subscription. Ur BB is 1500 for 2g while glo is 1000 for 3g..pleas dear airtel reduce or we dump u guys…obrigado

  10. #2000 for 2GB lasting 30days is still on a high side. The balance of unused data plan should be allowed for the subscriber rather than forfeiture. Comment…

  11. Pls i am using d 1k for 1gb n i can only browse with chrome. I can’t use bbm or what’App. I hv called their customer service bt dere is no option for dis or talking to someone… What do i do pls.

  12. Comment… If You Say 2gb For 2000 That Is To Say You Are Not Taking Anything Out. Which Means 4gb Will Be 4k 10gb Will Be 10 And So On. I Like Airtel But I No Gbadu This One Oo. I Guess I Will Search For A Cheaper One.

  13. Comment…recently, there was an sms from airtel saying I can now subscribe 1500 naira for a 3gb data bundle. Pls I really need to confirm if it’s really true and if so, pls I need the code so I can subscribe right away

  14. Been trying to get across to your customer care . I did a subscription on my Samsung tab, buh can’t explain how the data and the money therein was zapped. The most annoying part of it is that I couldn’t access Internet connection throughout, only to discover that I have nothing. I now have to tether wif my phone, using the Glo ntwrk in order to surf. Pls, kindly send me the customer service line cos I won’t really take this from them. Its criminal.

  15. The 4GB for N2,000 l bought 2 days before the end of the promo Airtel did not allowed me to finished the 4GB even to download l can not l fill it is very unfair, and am not happy to continue the data plan with Airtel Sim card. please let Airtel return my data balance with my no. 08026408693. am waiting for their quick responses on it,
    Thank you.

  16. some of you guys are funny this guy is only a blog owner lol not airtel owner or airtel staff..abeg plz i hope this airtel 2000 for 2gb last long wella? not after sub it will last for one week lol..

    1. Airtel WTF Bundle Subscription Code and Price
      Dial *990# at N200 to subscribe to the monthly bundle
      Dial *991# at N100 to subscribe to the weekly bundle
      Dial *990*0# to check balance at any time.

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