Glo Configuration Settings For BB 10 Devices

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From my observation so far, I’ve realized that many owners of BB 10 devices  on the glo network  don’t really know how to set or configure their bb10 device o function well with their bb10 subscription.

For you to be able to use the Glo bb10 subscripion irrespective of the device you are using, be a mobile bb Q5,Q10,Z10 , the device must be configured with the Glo APN settings below:

  • APN:
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank

Once you have configured it correctly, you bb10 subscripion  should be able to to with your Glo BB10 device


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  2. I was searching for the glo blackberry settings when i came across your blog

    I changed my Android Imei to a blackberry’s Imei so that the glo blackberry subscription can work on it, its working but the problem is that it disconnects any how. Do you have any idea what the cause may be?

  3. I jus bought a bb Q10 & i’ve set d APN as above but d prob is dat its nt saving & i’m unable 2 browse yet. Pls help

    1. Hello,this complain isn’t peculiar to u alone,it seems the latest version of BB10 OS no longer allow this,but am currently looking out for a possible solution to this issue,i will get back to u later

  4. Please somebody should help me out I have a BB Q5 I have used all the settings prescribed on this page and others but it not saving and its not working yet I have loaded money and subscribe for 1000 a month please I need help, to be able to configure my BB Q5

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