Twitter photo tagging: How To Prevent Tagging and How to opt-out of Tagging

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Twitters in a recent app update, rolled out two major updates to their mobile apps  which is the ability to tag up to ten people in any photo you post and additionally, the update also lets you upload up to four photos at once.

If you are one who rather find this offensive,here is a working steps on how to block people from tagging you and also how to opt out of twitter facebook photo tag,

How Prevent  twitter photo Tagging and How to opt-out of   Twitter photo tagging Tagging

To prevent people from tagging you on their photo on twitter On the web,

  1. Navigate  to Settings
  2.  Security and Privacy and
  3. Then select whether you want to allow anyone to tag you, allow only people you follow to tag you, or not allow any tagging at all.
  4. Then click save

Here is how to opt out of twitter photo tagging on twitter mobile apps,

On the Twitter app on your phone, click the menu icon

Select “settings” from the pop up menu

Select “@your username” from the pop up menu

Tap on who can tag me in photos

Tap on off to switch off photo tagging


Lastly click to save the changes made and return back to your twitter app

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  1. Hello Ebima,

    This is a wonderful tutorial, i seriously don’t know that you can off twitter image notification 🙂 . Maybe i did not heard about it because i don’t get tagged on twitter except for conversations that refers to me.
    Thanks for sharing this finding with us, do have a wonderful week ahead…

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