How To Transfer content from your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5

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It is such a normal thing to fancy moving from ios to the android platform.To begin with,Apple does everything within its power to frustrate your movement by a way of  holding your phone number hostage with iMessage, and so  getting your vital information from iOS to Android becomes a burden.So how do i get my information/data out of Apple’s domain, and into Google’s own domain.

To help simplify the process of  transferring your iphone data/information to your new galaxy S5,Samsung has developed a tool to help you transfer your very important data/l information stored in your iCloud backups to your brand new Galaxy S5. (Actually, this tool works with any Galaxy device.)

To begin with,install the free Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app from the Play Store on your Galaxy S5.

Launch the the app and  select iCloud from the list of  available options.

The service works by using your iCloud device backup, and transferring your information to the S5.Just in case you are not Ok with  revealing to Samsung your Apple credentials,the samsung  desktop smartswitch can do the transfer for you.

If you have no problem revealing your credentials,then proceed

After Samsung verifies your account, you’ll be presented with a list of  most recent backups for your iOS devices. Select the backup you’d like to restore to your S5, and wait for the information to populate.

Samsung will figure out how much information is in each category, you’ll have the option to pick and choose what you want to be downloaded to the S5.

Depending on your connection speed, and size of the backup, this process can take awhile. I suggest plugging your S5 in, sitting back, and watching a video about setting up the fingerprint scanner on the S5, featuring Dan Graziano.

The app will alert you when it’s finished and show you the content which was successfully transferred. After that, feel free to delete the app from your phone.


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