How To Tag Peoples in Photo on Twitter mobile apps

Twitter mobile apps now has an updated version,the new  twitter mobile update came up just few days to the end of the first quarter of 2014.
The updated  Twitter mobile apps  comes with two main updated  features ; tagging  up to ten people in any photo you post and additionally, the update also lets you upload up to four photos at once.

The widespread use of photo tagging began with facebook and  has now been extended to other social media platforms including twitter.

More interestingly,”When you tag up to 10 people in a photo,you still  have all available 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends.

To help you tag people in photos,follow the few steps below

  1. First upload your photo by clicking  or tap the compose new Tweet button . From an Android device, tap on What’s happening?
  2. A  new “Who’s in this photo?” button appears in the tweet compose screen once you’ve attached a picture
  3. Now input  the person’s full name or @username, and tap Done.
  4. Those you tagged would be notified just the way you are notified When someone else tags you in a photo.



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