Lifting someones else work or if you like Copy-pasting some body else work is very common practice among bloggers and webmasters with ony a negilgible number giving backlink or credit to the original source.

Inorder to discourage this unlawful act,bloggers/webmasters often resort to using different means to protect  their online content thereby preventing users from stealing easily their online content.While in preventing content theft may be advantageous to some extent, it also  greatly frustrates honest readers by denying them access to useful functions associated with the right click menu, such as Back, Reload, Save as.., Print etc

There is no doubt you may at one point or the other wish to copy from these right click disabled web pages but due to the restriction you are unable to do so.In this short tutorial, I’ll be showing  you a straightforward way  you can easily use to copy and paste from right click disabled web pages.

How To Copy From A Right Click Disabled Site/blog.

There are different ways you can   use   to copy and paste  from a right click disabled . The popluar methods include

  • By disabling browser JavaScript in browser
  • Using Proxy Sites
  • By Using the source code of the site

But the simplest way you can copy from a right click disabled web page is to save the entire web page as a PDF  file.To save a page as a PDF file,simply follow

Press    the window shortcut  Control p. Ctrl+P  prompts  you present webpage to a  to initiate a print action.

Click on  Save as PDF

 And lastly click on Save to save your document to your prefered location on your pc

Once it is saved you can now open up your PDF file to copy whatever you wish to copy

How To Create PDF File From Microsoft Word Document

I hope you find this guide useful. Feel free to let us know any problems you encountered using the comment box below.

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