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How to remotely install android apps on your android phone


Ever imagine downloading and installing android apps fro Google play to to your android smartphone while you are far or away fro you phone? You may think it ipossible,but am here to prove you wrong because its actually possible and require little or no stress at all to have this done.

How To Remotely Install Android Apps On Your Android Phone

If  for one reason or the other you are far away from your phone while surfing the net from your pc and you come across android app that you like,worry not as there is alway a way you can install the android app remotely to your phone

Visit the Google Play store  from your PC

log in using the same  Google with which you usually login on your phone.

Next, find the app that you want to install and go to its information page

Click on the app to reveal more info about the app

If the app is compatible with your device,you will be prompted as seen below


Click on  the Install button for that app when the app seek your permission.

Whenever you get in touch with your android device,the app will begin  installation if you are connected.

Easy right? If done properly it should not pose any difficulty to you.Was this little piece of any benefit to you? Or do you have any question to ask? .Feel free to do so in the comment section below


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