Ever tried using your tecno android phone only to have your screen with struggle with you over which orientation it wants to take? You agree with me it gets frustrating trying to do something in portrait mode while your display is switching to landscape mode or vice versa, doesn’t it? 

Luckily with just a simple installation of an android app fro the google play store and with a simple adjustment on your android phone settings you can take care of this issue and lock your screen into portrait mode.

 How To disable auto screen rotation using phone settings

To quickly disable screen auto rotation from your phone settings,

  1. Open android device settings
  2. Scroll down  to display
  3. Check / uncheck Auto-rotate screen

checking and unchecking the box will enable and disable the auto screen rotation respectively.

Alternatively,you can also turn off android auto screen rotation with an android app meant for that purpose.All you have to do is Put it as a shortcut in the home screen or long-press search button to run it.It is that simple.You can run a quick search on google play for auto screen rotate to download the application

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