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How to find out /know The android Version On your tecno Android Phone


The version  of your tecno Android phone isn’t always just written on the side of the case or any where noticeable. Since this is often an important piece of information, you can check it inside the phone if you don’t know.Knowing the version of your android phone is important for several reasons.For example your service provider may need you to provide your android version when seeking for technical support,secondly,if there is an updated version of your android version,you may first need to ascetain your current android version.

Finding out your phone android version/operating sytem is very easy.Here is a quick way you can do that:

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How To Check your Android version from Phone settings

There are basically two known ways of finding of what version of android your phone is using,the first involves visiting http://whatismyandroidversion.com/ from your mobile phone browser.The site will automatically detect your android version and diusplay it on your screen.

The second way you can find out your android version is by checking it from your phone settings.To do this,

  • Put on your Phone
  • From the Home screen, tap the menu screen icon or tap the settings widget on your home screen 
  • From the menu,Find and tap Settings 
  • Then tap on About phone.
  • Your phone android version should now be visible
  • Depending on your android phone,you may be required to tap software information/firmware version before your phone android version is shown to you.

The method described above works on all tecno android  phones. In other phones like samsung galaxy, I presume you will have an option called ‘Firmware Version or Software Information’

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