How To Generate and Place Konga Affiliate Ad Banners/Links On Your Blog

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Konga online shop is another important player in the Nigerian online shopping business. Konga is an Online shopping Mall for Mobile Phones, Beauty Products, Groceries, Appliances, Games, Books & Much. Konga boasts of a wide range of products for men, women and the babies.From baby formula to mascara to hair clippers and cologne,Konga  holds something in stock  for everyone.



Konga runs a partner program through which any web publisher who  assist in selling their product gets a commision of   each sales.The Associate program pays internet publishers, webmasters and merchants to drive new users and sales to

Associates promote with banners, text links and innovative tools such as the Editor’s kit and the Flexible destination tool.In return, they receive commissions for driving new and active users to It is that simple!

How To  Generate and Place Konga Affiliate Ad Banners/Links 

To be a Konga affiliate,you need to register for an affiliate account and wait for approval before you can generate your affiliate  banner  and text links.If you get approved after signing up,you can then proceed to generate your konga affiliate banner/link code as  explained below.

==>>log into your affiliate account==>> sign up or  Login here

==>>Click on promotions located to the right of your affiliate dashboard

==>>Click on banner and link under promotion

==>>Scroll down the page  and click on get banner  code under the banner  you wish to display

==>>Save the link somewhere.

How To Add Konga  banner and text link To a Blogspot/Wordpress blog

If your blog is a wordpress blog,you can add the konga code to your blog by using the text widget on your dashboard.If your blog is a blogspot blog,

==>>login to your blogspot dashboard,click on the layout

==>>Click on add a widget

==>>Select html or javascript gadget

==>>Copy your konga code into the gadget and save

==>>Then drag to the position you want it to be


As at today,Konga pays up to 9% referral referral and also has attractive reward for top referrals/performance.

That is all ,awaiting your feedback.

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  1. thank you very much sir….. your explanation gave me what i really needed .. thank you very much and i really appreciate

  2. This is the best affiliate program that Nigerians can easily do without the fair of being scam by anybody.
    Simple a ABC to implement the Banner cold
    But I am expecting the company to come up with a Rotator Banner so that there will be opportunity to have multiple lead from the company.
    Thanks God for WordPress with plugins like Ad Rotator that is doing the magic for me on my site
    Nice article brother

  3. Ige,
    Thanks for this nice post! May I ask if it is possible to place Konga banner in a post like Jumia or Amazon banners. What I mean is that can one place the banner within the content of a post aside from the widget?

    1. very very possible,just the same manner you place jumia ,amazon or even adsense inside the post.If you notice below my post title,there is konga banner there

  4. Thanks for your response, but I’ve not been able to do that. The banner is in HTML format; it starts will script as open tag and ends with script as close tag, but I wonder why it’s not displaying the banner. You can check my site and see other banners I placed in the content. Can you put me through? May I need to change certain character in the code or …?

  5. Sorry for bothering you! The plugin ‘ad injector’ is not found on WordPress as I searched it. May be you can give me the site to download it????

  6. Thanks Ige. Don’t worry again about the link. I’ve googled it and downloaded it. Thanks for the beautiful post. I’ve bookmarked your web

  7. I couldnt help but read through the whole comment before asking my question. I own a blogger blog and I’m new to blogging. How can I insert konga banners into my posts and resize them?

  8. Affiliate program in Nigeria is just a waste of time because 90% of Nigerians don’t believe in online transactions

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