How to check if your tecno phone is original

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The number of tecno andriod phones  in circulation could be exploited by unscrupulous  elements who wish to seek as much profit by selling fake tecno phones. But do not worry, because we can distinguish between genuine or fake tecno phones through a few methods below. We tried a little give tips to recognize or distinguish whether the tecno phone  that we have or that we want to buy is a genuine 

How Do i Know Original Tecno Phone

Original TECNO phones have their IMEI code and VC code pasted on the surface of handset’s packing box. IMEI code and VC code can confirm if the phone is genuine while the SN code pasted on the battery surface can confirm the battery’s authenticity.

You can confirm  if a tecno phone is original or fake  using the following steps:

  1. Genuine Phone Check: Visit, enter your IEMI code and VC code in the relevant field and submit. You will get a response informing you if the phone is genuine or not.
  2. Genuine Battery Check: Visit, enter your SN code in the relevant field and submit. You will get a response informing you if the battery is genuine or not.

You can be sure of buying original tecno phone when you purchase from JUMIA NIGERIA

we do hope you make maximum use of the guidelines above to ensure getting or buying an original tecno phone  and don’t forget to come and share your experience  with us using the comment box below

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20 Replies to “How to check if your tecno phone is original”

  1. Oluwatobi

    Tecno phones are many but the originals are there… the information is real pls. check it out on and verify the authenticity of what you buy…

  2. Queen Esther

    Well, I think I believe in u guyz… I avn’t bought any, buh I hope 2 buy d best one, soon…Tnx 4 d information!

  3. godwin

    my phantom A7 is about tow one years and tow month now in good condition but I have tired of it I want to sump it how can this work.

  4. pounds sterling cash

    I just bought my techno c9 but i have typed in the imei code and sn code they are say is invalid? pls is there any other way to check.

  5. Hafiz

    I just bought a Tecno Camon C9 and typed in the IEMI and the VC code and I had the feedback “this VC code doesn’t exist”. What does that mean? And are you sure the check works with Tecno C9s? Also is the SN made of numbers or alphabets?

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