You ought to be living on planet Mercury if you haven’t heard of the most popular low end smartphone rave in Nigeria and other emerging economy.

I am referring to the tecno android phone popularly referred to as chinko phone in some quarters touted as a stunning cheaper low end android phone, the reviews and patronage from users in general have been quite impressive and positive.

So positive that, I had made up my mind to continue to patronize the brand for as long it exist. But ever since my first and second experience with the tecno android phone, i have come to realize it’s not what I actually needed due to some of it shortcomings

Tecno N3 and other subsequent techno android phones   may have sold millions of units in Nigeria alone, enticed  many users who probably are using Android phones for the first time, but common on believe it or not, Techno android phones are not the best android phone brand for you ,so I will be detailing you with few  reasons why you should not buy tecno phones inspite of its low price


Presently,tecno phones lack lacks OTA updates for their Android phones and therefore lack the ability to upgrade the inbuilt operating system .

If there are major bugs in the Operating system, Tecno most probably has no way of fixing that for the masses ’cause it can’t deploy OTA fix updates.

One is stuck on Android 4.1 Jellybean and thus should not dream of ever getting version 4.2 or 5 (Key Lime Pie) on the device

For folks  who cant do without  rooting, flashing and tweaking their android devices, they stand the risk of bricking their device and having to pay Tecno to fix it for them. (Rooting a device in almost 100% of cases voids your warranty with that manufacturer) .


the kind of battery that is befitting of multitasking smartphone such as android phone should be such that can withstand the multitasking capabilities,but unfortunately,techno ANDROID has failed woefully in that aspect.

If you are the type that play games and  browse a lot am sure you won’t want to buy a phone that has a weak battery like blackberry.From personal experience,it seems the battery strength of some of the first tecno android running on lower android has a better battery coare to the likes of .So if you are a phone addict  you can not do without his or her phone for some minutes,then tecno android phone is actually not for you


Do i need to write much on this? i guess no,if you know tecno andriod phones very well,you will agree with me that virtually of of their new releases are all the same with virtually no improvement.The only difference is just the name and little difference in the built.So why would you waste your money buying a brand that care less users satisfaction?

Some Other reasons 

You expect to get other genuine reasons not to buy a techno android phone from me?,i think i have said t all,so its over to you now.Go ahead ans share your thought,why you won’t advise one to get a techno android phone and other experiences you have had with the tecno brand of product


The content of this post is only the writer’s own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the general techno users.So atteackers take note

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