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3 Reasons Not To Buy A Tecno Android Smartphone

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You ought to be living on planet Mercury if you haven’t heard of the most popular low end smartphone rave in Nigeria and other emerging economy.

I am referring to the tecno android phone popularly referred to as chinko phone in some quarters touted as a stunning cheaper low end android phone, the reviews and patronage from users in general have been quite impressive and positive.

So positive that, I had made up my mind to continue to patronize the brand for as long it exist. But ever since my first and second experience with the tecno android phone, i have come to realize it’s not what I actually needed due to some of it shortcomings

Tecno N3 and other subsequent techno android phones   may have sold millions of units in Nigeria alone, enticed  many users who probably are using Android phones for the first time, but common on believe it or not, Techno android phones are not the best android phone brand for you ,so I will be detailing you with few  reasons why you should not buy tecno phones inspite of its low price


Presently,tecno phones lack lacks OTA updates for their Android phones and therefore lack the ability to upgrade the inbuilt operating system .

If there are major bugs in the Operating system, Tecno most probably has no way of fixing that for the masses ’cause it can’t deploy OTA fix updates.

One is stuck on Android 4.1 Jellybean and thus should not dream of ever getting version 4.2 or 5 (Key Lime Pie) on the device

For folks  who cant do without  rooting, flashing and tweaking their android devices, they stand the risk of bricking their device and having to pay Tecno to fix it for them. (Rooting a device in almost 100% of cases voids your warranty with that manufacturer) .


the kind of battery that is befitting of multitasking smartphone such as android phone should be such that can withstand the multitasking capabilities,but unfortunately,techno ANDROID has failed woefully in that aspect.

If you are the type that play games and  browse a lot am sure you won’t want to buy a phone that has a weak battery like blackberry.From personal experience,it seems the battery strength of some of the first tecno android running on lower android has a better battery coare to the likes of .So if you are a phone addict  you can not do without his or her phone for some minutes,then tecno android phone is actually not for you


Do i need to write much on this? i guess no,if you know tecno andriod phones very well,you will agree with me that virtually of of their new releases are all the same with virtually no improvement.The only difference is just the name and little difference in the built.So why would you waste your money buying a brand that care less users satisfaction?

Some Other reasons 

You expect to get other genuine reasons not to buy a techno android phone from me?,i think i have said t all,so its over to you now.Go ahead ans share your thought,why you won’t advise one to get a techno android phone and other experiences you have had with the tecno brand of product


The content of this post is only the writer’s own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the general techno users.So atteackers take note

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  1. Before reading this I thought it contained something reasonable. But this is utterly rubbish. Tecno has a battery life of 2100mAh. Get your facts right and stop publishing meaningless trash!

    1. i have deleted everything on the phone storage yet its still telling me phone storage full. i have even done the factory resetting still no progress, and i cant move some apps to SD. the SD is almost empty.

      1. get a root browser from android play store and delete the ‘log’ folder. pls backup any folder b4 delete, so u can restore if u dnt know wat u are doing.

  2. Hi Ige, after reading all these you have said above. I am thinking of buying one techno phone by next week, please which of them can you advise me to buy?
    L3 or M3 or P5?
    Thank you.

    1. sorry for the late reply bro, it’s due to network ishh. To be honest I have not handled any of those u listed, but techno f7 is not bad if your budget is up to that, and the techno tablet if good also

  3. All of what you said, I support…but the Battery issue is a total disagreement on my side….

    I use an Android Device from HTC, but believe me, of all the Tecno devices I’ve come across, none could be compared to the battery life of HTC as Tecno batteries last longer even when being multi-tasked….

    I’ll give an example; Tecno Phantom F7…

    Besides the battery issue, others suck!

    1. Thanks for your positive contribution.I use the same techno f7 and N3′ but the n3 battery is far better than that of f7 probably cos its a more complex one, but I must say that my f7 batt is totally not encoraging

      1. Your ideas and opinion are rubbish, try to look for other things to do rather than talking wrong views abt things u don’t know….

        1. And your comments are rubbish, I am a developer and tecno is full of shit,if you don’t know,then just shut up

      2. Shame upon ur face coz u know nothing abt tecno…better u remove ur bullshit post coz u ar making people to desrespect u!

      3. It’s true and Software problem 2, am using R7 not up to 5 mouth and it’s having software problem, that i should bring #18200 to fix it 4 me.2 bad I regret buying it

  4. Sounds like there is lots of fun to be had with this horrible phone. I am glad that I do not have one.
    I do need a new phone after 4 years of keeping my old iphone, but I will not be getting one of these for sure.
    Thanks for informing us all

    1. hey hope its not this post that is stoking you from getting one? techno is not bad at least for its price,after all I use a tecno f7 and n3 this post only aim to show u the bad side of it

  5. Hahaha. Reading this comments just shows how much tecno have BRAIN Washed Nigerians.

    Your Points Are correct bro. I support u

    1. Their battery is quite ok at least for the few months i have used it,but it all depends on the usage,i browse and play music alot with mine so the batt is not expected to last as one who does not,so you can go ahead w= to buy it

      1. The battery is good but I have problem on my techno g9 I cannot download or update any application and I have 16GB memory

  6. Ige, I want to say a BIG congrats to you and the courage you took to write this up here. You are on POINT. I mean you are right on the Battery Issue. My brother even verified this and when he got to their office, there are some that had similar issue. It seems TECHNO company didn’t get it right on the battery life. I mean this happened to a newly bought phone. I mean it. Don’t worry about negative comments. They are just part of blogging sphere. I received some on my blog too. Keep the good job up. More Blessing.

      1. Thanks, for this eye opening post. All you explained I experienced. I have been using Tecno since it came to Nig. I am currently using A3. The b3 is poor, the intetnal menory of About 16 gb cannot be accessed by the phone, I’ve taken it to their service center serverely all they do is to only fractory reset my phone while the problem remains. I don’t think I need to buy another Tecno. But need to try Gionee.

        Is there any solution for my Tecno internal memory issue? Thanks

  7. I think techno has some problems with the battery, my frend got a techno phantom a+ but he couldn’t start d phone after plugin it for long, so I advised him to return it and he got an iPhone 5,

  8. total nonsense bro. tecno is not the best Android in the market yes, but its a good phone and I belive that the bulk of people who criticize the phone do so simply because its made in China most people don’t even know what Android technology is about but still they are quick to critize. if it were to be made in us they will say its the best.

  9. I seriously don’t c any need of criticizing Dis phone (f7) at least as d phantom A, it not bad. Techno sure knowns how to handle their market strategies. Sooner or letter u start to c phantom a4, 5, 6,e.t.c with better facilities.

  10. please guys all you did was to discredit techno,please which are advicing me to buy cos i just took a break now,wanted to get a smart phone,a better one per say.good battery life,micrsoft office compatable,fast in multi tasking,pamakodi#gmail.com.expecting replies thanks

    1. Hey Prince,we really appreciate your tie for leaving a coment here on this post,and to quickly correct you please,we did not discredit tecno,but we only made known to the prosperctive buyers the ugly side of it so that by the time you finally get one you wont be dissapointed at what you see.

      From previous comments on this post,all points except battery life is true.So my advise is for you to go on to buy the tecno you planed buying.I f am to suggest for you,i had love you go for tecno A3,OTHER GREAT TECO YOU CAN CONSIDER IS FOUND HERE http://ebimablog.com/2014/01/updated-jan-2014-tecno-android-phones-specs-price-nigeria.html

  11. u couldn’t av bin more right IGE, coz if I can’t tel u anytin 4 sure, I can say d tecno D5 is d worst andriod fone evr made; it has no 2g,no 3g, d most fustratin ba3 life nd d internal storage dat kips get fil up wen vry few apps are bin stored on it; mine kips telin me dat my email system has stopd due 2 low storage; u can’t imagin how much I regret buyin tecno……..

      1. hi ige, i dint want to write anytin but i think ur s fake guy n a fraud. y trying to mislead pple(maybe u dnt no wat ur doing). its lik u just think up somtin n put it out there just for the sake of it. with ur knowledge of fones, hw can someone say a fone dosnt av 2g or 3g n ur thanking the person for attesting to facts. Makes me think u dont even know the inner working of a fone. Also the thing about internal memory…… y not educate the person on hw to clear n create space on the internal memory. i mean i dont see any advice her, all i read is condemnation nur just looking for whoever agrees with u whether with facts or fiction. Pls, i would like u to improve on hw u “advice the public”. Besides ur points are only base on the 2 fones ur using n u generalise all tecno fones on dat???

        1. Hi,Michael,i wouldn’t have published your comment,but i did cos here is a disclaimer a he end of the pos,probably u didnt read ha,so u are humbly referred to that post again.And for your info,his post in no for advise ,is mean o condemn ecno phone makers for he rash i believe he are giving ou o us here,if u wish o know how to free ur internal memory,kindly search for that on http://www.google.com,am sure u will get a reasonable result here.
          I have had experience with almost all ecno phones except the very new ones in he market,moreover u do no have o buy/use all phones o ave an assessment of them

      2. The only thing tecno phones are lagging behind in is their ability to upgrade the OS, aside that every other thing is very good for it’s price. As a matter of fact tecno phones can boast of a better battery than Samsung phones that are rated high(same range and capabilities). Most phones are made in china but let it be known to u that it doesn’t make it less inferior, my techno H7 was designed in France and made in France and I can confidently say they did a wonderful job. Talking about models that’s total trash. Every companies does same thing adding and subtracting capabilities giving u reasons to buy the next model, that’s business strategy. So make research properly before u advice people.

  12. Well thanks for the post but however …
    The only issues I got with my tecno is the inability to upgrade, but so what?
    Rooting is the only way to totally maximize your android phone usage including its ba3 life but again note that no android phone company ‘supports’ rooting of their devices. Rooting are at owners risk and voids the warranty immediately not jus d techno company alone.
    2. For the battery issue, its just a general trend. Bb user complain of battery too. if you’re claiming your battery last longer with oda phones I want to know how many hours it cud outlive a tecno’s.
    Cos me am a heavy multitasker, I’ve observed ba3 life on Hawaii phones, Samsung android, iball, techno and they all seem to be the same.
    The only analysis am OK with is inability for techno phones to upgrade but for other point, I think they need to be reanalyzed. on a positive note am encouraging you to try conducting your analysis from a variety of android phones first.
    Thanks and more power 2 ur elbows

  13. Im in love with my itel note. the batery is perfect bcos is not 3g. u can’t eat ur cake and have it. set ur android on 2 g the batery will last longer.

  14. TECNO battery is still far better Dan BlackBerry phone, & beside, if you condem TECNO Android, What other brand of android can you recommend. Or do you expect a person struggling to pay his/fees at sku to go for Nokia Lumia of over 60k. I use TECNO android and enjoy d battery life. All wot u need is to close application not in use and uninstall irrelevant apps. Another thing is that some people are, fond of operating there phone while charging which is a devil-demon-battery-drainer. It will ultimately reduce ur battery life.

  15. guy, datz damn rubbish cuz rit nw, am using tecno pad mini p9, and am enjoyin it in terms of d battery life nd oda aspect, i suggest u direct ur post to phones like blackberry nd odas nt tecno

    1. Thanks for your contribution to this,wait till you experience what other experienced already before you know what we talking about,thanks for stopping by

  16. True, Failure rate seems to be higher than other brands, i have used Nokia, Sony Ericsson, I phone and other major brands and never had issues before till two weeks ago, when i got a new Phantom Pad Mini (P9) that drained battery within an hour and eventually had a sudden death and couldnt boot up no more. I feel cheated and cant advice any one buy such brand.

  17. Nigeria is such an interesting place to do business, as all would be investor can rip the gullible dry before, if they ever do what is right. Tecno and its like cannot sell their product in countries were regulation works. I have ventured into many devices I can tel you tecno is the worst service you can get from a hardware manufacturer. Am hoping they will make enough from us someday and put up a support structure to manage software aspect of their devices. I hope they hear this………….Do your business ethically since as a country we have failed in our responsibility to regulate what the chincos dump on us. the capital loss and flight as a result of this practice is immeasurable. Were is SON……dead, were is NCC dead suffering from incompetent syndrome largely due to failed system and corruption. chines firms not all thrives in these kind of environment of gullibility and poverty of our people. Who should we blame ourselves and regulators

  18. You guys are really rude to Ebina and I am not going to spare your feelings.

    Hey Ebina, it’s a pity most of your audience are illiterates. I know the same rude ones will yell (as iliterates do) when they see the word “illiterates” (because they know not the meaning) and this will be the new topic of discussion but anyway, Ebina is right and here are my candid views about the Tecno phones:
    I have used this phone and recommended it to others based on their needs but here is the truth about the phone and enlightened / experienced minds will properly understand this review:
    – Horrible battery lifetime (expires in a year or less)
    – Poor overseas support (Can only get support in some 3rd world countries. Don’t make it a primary phone if you go to a developed country)
    – Internal memory is 1GB instead of 4GB (as advertised)… it’s a total rip-off and shows the true integrity of the manufacturers… I reported this and they kept mute!
    – Silver plate on edges chip off very quickly

    For advanced audience and developers:
    – To root the phone, you have to know how to speak Mandarin or use other advanced, more dangerous methods
    – Rear camera resolution is far below 8MP, i’d say a 3MP tops. Can’t take a clear shot of moving objects
    – Touch screen response diminishes with life of phone
    – Phone memory corruption if you don’t specify the memory bounds of your apps properly (more of an OS issue)

    Overall, you can buy this phone and enjoy it for 12-18 months. It’s simply WYSIWYG… you get what you paid for.

    1. I rooted mine f7+ without stress. I now have the best of tecno r7. Done OTA update already. Tecno has arrived. The sleekest smart fine so far. I gave out my lumia 820 to my wife(N68k) in place of 45k r7

      1. You’re right, the design of the phone is reaaaaly sleeek. Tecno is great value for money. Infact, there is a Tecno-type phone in the Philippines called Mphone and in Asia-Pacific called Kogan Agora.
        You made a right call of choosing an Android over the Microsoft-based Lumia; they’re restrictive… brilliant camera but a lot restrictive. I guess your wife will love the Lumia (camera lovers) :D.

        However, I am sure you rooted your phone to get a custom ROM and you didn’t get an OTA from Tecno. There are a lot of security risks that come with custom ROMs. This week, a Spotify user’s account was hacked using the Spotify android app. Chances are the mate used a custom room (Am not saying he did), but using a custom ROM can easily cause such.

        Enjoy the F7+ but be prepared to change it soon because you’ll want more and the limitations of the Tecno will gradually reveal itself. It begins with memory to install apps…

        …have a good weekend!

        1. Hey Dele,i never rooted My F7,but i did root the N3.OTA has never been available on any tecno device except the recently announced R7,which i have not been opportuned to have,but its been confirmed from friends,the R7 has OTA support

  19. I support the post. Some other things associated with this low end smartphone is
    Bootloop,hanging and brick. Tecno needs improvement

  20. You’re totally ignorant of the subject. The moment I saw you mention Android version 5 Key Lime Pie(it’s actually 4.4 Kitkat), i knew i was dealing with a novice and charlatan who had no business making any assessments of android devices, much less, criticizing and categorizing brands. you article is a product of lazy journalism, devoid of research and overbloated with the eagerness to vilify and condemn. I think you should lay your hands on a Tecno r7 and n9 pad, compare it with a Nigerian-made android device(hope you appreciate the sarcasm)and then come back and take down this blog. thanks, Ebima.

    1. Oga Robert, unfortunately, you’re the ignoramus here o. Android 5 is rumored to be called Key Lime Pie (Only enlightened people know this stuff and follow these trends), clearly you don’t belong in this circle-You’re what my people call a ‘mo gbo mo ya’.

      Ebina was simply exaggerating that we shouldn’t expect Tecno to get so developed to the extent of releasing OTA updates by the time Google releases the Key Lime Pie OS.
      You should follow tech trends more and be up to speed. Here are a few helpful sites; techcrunch.com, cnet.com, wired.com, engadget.com, zdnet.com, theverge.com, techradar.com and ted.com.
      By all means, Tecno is a Nigerian mobile phone industry game changer but as always, this game changer does not come without its dirty and dishonest business etiquette; inferior products that are over-hyped.
      read this and see the truth about responsible companies and products: http://www.cnet.com/au/products/kogan-agora-hd/2/

      1. Thanks alot Dele,i didn’t intend replying Robert simply cos m PC keyboard is currently having problem and secondly cos i so much believed he is a Tecno Rep and did not expect more less than the trash he vomited.I only have one advice for him and his pay master is,Wake up to the realities on ground,Nigerians are becoming more wiser by the day,soonest it won’t be biz as usual,otherwise you may be chased out of the African Mobile market

        1. You two are so dumb and clueless that it hurts to contemplate the magnitude of thrash that people like you churn out to the unsuspecting public and the resulting web of ignorance it continues to spin.

          It was folks like you, their hearts blackened out from an iron clad will to perpetuate ignorance and confusion, that kept Africa so long in the dark ages until we were finally liberated to knowledge. And now that your irrelevance in the current system has become manifest, and you have been knocked off your rotten perch by such tools as that ever dependable bastion of search and find; Google, you wouldn’t just roll over and die as you honourably should, but prefer to be figuratively dragged out and publicly pelted before the village square and in the market place.

          But the good thing, though, is that you still have hope, if only you will reverse your steps and seek the light. A good place to start will be for the two of you to huddle up together before the nearest Internet-capable device and inquire the fate of your much-relished Key Lime Pie, on Google (even a new born need not be reminded this nowadays), and then see how so far you have been left behind. A word is enough, even for the deaf.

  21. Well I don’t know about other techno android phones, since last year I bought the techno phantom pad N9 I enjoy every bit of it, the ba3 is so strong and for that I credit it 100percent, just this April I bought the new techno rumble R7, I must say wit just 42k am enjoy a whole lot and more than the Samsung S5 I think the R7 is d best techno has come up with, u can Google the phone to know more. IPhone us good Samsung is also good still yet am not ruling out the techno smart phones

  22. What are you guys talking have you tested tecno phantom z as high as the processor,the battery life and the camera of a whoping 16mp yet is very affordable. The thing about nigerians is we don’t appreciate good thing especialy de poor ones.

  23. Don’t go against tecno, the battery of tecno P5 is somehow better than h.t.c in practical usage forget about paper comparison.
    As a matter of fact, tecno.seems to be producing phones with apps of regular uses not some sort of apps that we don’t really need.
    If you say tecno repeat phones, what do you say about apple who brags about nothing new than ultra-slim designs or LG than camera. only samsung is capable of changing the world of smartphones around

  24. I don’t think u should publish such bcos its like u trynna bring down a company…its simply wrong…even dou I don’t use techno I still feel what u did was wrong

  25. You could write a review on a product that you couldn’t spell correctly? That’s strange. What is TECHNO? No such phone brand.

  26. this is a poor review ,not all Tecno product have such issues…..1) TEcno is a low budget phone, so compare with other low budget phones on high end phones…..also to those commenting on camera pixel like they really know what it is. because a camera isnt good in low light doesnt mean it bad….Apart from nokia and some htc phones camera ,most phones camera are not what they claim to be…..(pixel quality i mean) also until this yr and the arrival of Andriod one from Google, there was no OTA support from Google for mediatek devices(which tecno is part of). that why it took Tecno a long time to get to 4.4.2… OTA support for mediatek devices is a work in progress as u can see with the new released phantom Z and probably R7….and google/cyanogen now support mediatek devices ….am not pleased with the post but anyway great job for even trying ….

  27. Please, Techno phones are wonderful, the company has kept improving every year. I just finished using f7, it is been over a year and all it’s function is still intact. There’re is no diminished touch screen as my cosine initially told me. my friends are looking forward to whom I will give it to since I just bought the notepad p9, it is been modified 4.4.2 (kit kat ) and anti- scratch screen (gorilla glass ) and this note pad is up to a good taste. it is not name we intend to buy is it?

    1. Mummu! Stay there and criticize a good job that has helped the middle class so much that they are able to have a feel of what good telephoning applications can do. What percentage of Nigerians can afford the Samsung galaxy brand and some others with similar functions? History has shown that the easiest thing to do a a lazy man is to sit down and criticize what the hardworking people are doing. Which one have you all together been able to put together in Nigeria. Even the old 3310 cannot be re-fabricated by your so called giant of Africa. Shame! Whatever brand of Tecno is OK for the price paid on it. If you want higher performance, go for higher grades with higher costs.
      I hope you will learn to make constructive and objective criticism in future. The basis for us to move forward Call Tecno “Chinko” or something else, China has for long left you people behind.

  28. I think tecno deserve some credit for trying to fool us with their price of phone when they can’t even fix upgrade another issue is the charging hours, it takes too long for battery to get fully charge

  29. The problem I am having with my tecno p5 + is the inability to display the name of sms senders even if I have the numbers saved With the name, but always shows that a message came from a number. Therefore whenever sms is received I must find a way of recognizing whose phone number is that.

  30. pls my f5 came with power bank but d power bank is not working just d torch light DAT is working pls wat SLD I do to it because am just worried. I thought f5 was a very good fone but my battery does not last at all and dis kips making me to regret.

    1. You should have returned the power bank to the point of purchase immediately u noticed that,i dont know if it is too late now,u may just forget it and get yourself a new power bank

  31. I’m now using Sony Z6 (a beta android phone than tecno; what you see is what you get). Tecno did try though but they aint hitting it right. I just found out Tecno M5 is of two types: the early released and the new release has huge difference, and its no fake its a real Tecno product.

  32. Tecno is good, Tecno is bad.
    If you say Tecno is bad, you may as well say that all MTK mobiles are bad.
    Me, i port ROMs like every week on my Tecno R7. Im currently using xperia ROM. Meaning, my phone looks just like xperia.
    whether a phone is good or bad, its not a function of the product but how you use it.

  33. I really wants to see if i could get solution to this battery stuffs cuz m just a person that plays games, music, and browse lyk dwn.. But right now, my ba3 sucks to use that i av to see my ba3 getting drain even without using.. I juz dey carry power bank around. #thats phantom z battery# Tec A7.. M fucking angry ryt nw..

  34. Habb bros, sincerely speaking, i dont like d way u discredit tecno phones. First of all, lots of nigerians would not have been using android if tecno had nt come. Believe me, it made nigerians to be more intrested in tecnology advancement. Second most android battries are nt diff from tecno’s own. Compare the price na must u have everything *winks* but i’ve used p5, the bat3 didnt last long cause i surf a lot and play games too. I guessed the bat3 drain was b/c of low ram. I went to m5, believe me sir, its encouraging to use this fone. It beats most samsung devices under the same level b/c of its 4.5 inch display. Bat3 was also good. I cant believe it last till 7pm maybe at 10% when power must always come(nepa or gen). Also watching movies was great, with nice speaker and a little nice 8mp camera. Plus 1gb ram. I guess u didnt knw of thir fone b4 writing this blog. But then the problem came. Remember that the more u have, the more u yearn 4. The reason i changed the fone was because i saw better display and better bat3. And also because tecno fones dont have prestige because it was simply made in nigeria. Talking about OTA updates, i agree with u, but i was able to install a custom android 4.4 kitkat rom in the fone. Tecno is also easy to tweak and root. Remember that, and all androids may brick when exploited. I use a motorola droid razr hd, mainly b/c of display, bat3 and prestige. Tecno battries dnt last long. Forget the digits of thousands of mah u see there, no tecno batr surpases any motorola batr of just 1800mah, nt even the r7. Remember its inbuilt, and cannot be easily swapped with fake as in the case of tecno. I want to say a big thank u to TECNO for exposing me to the android world. If u have enough cash go for samsung (s6) htc (m9) or motorola’s google nexus 6

  35. I dont know the actuall amount they paid u to post this nonsense here,just to spoil the image of tecno Android.But i tel u what,u are a nusance,spam,fool without comparison,amoeba and a big disgrace to ur family.i have used most of the tecno android one after the other,yet i see no error or any fault not even in the battery side,downlaoding,browsing or installation,compared to ur fake advice.talkin of the Rooting side,it is neva a must 4 one to root his/her android phone b4 making use of it,because rooting of phone is like d gr8test injustice one can do to himself,because it expose d device in d sense dat it can easily contact virus,it makes ur phone to manufunction,low in installation etc.so my dear people,we al hav right to life,so we also hav right in makin choice.avoid all these spammers and follow ur heart,i promise u,ur choice can neva be wrong rather it wil b d best.tanks to all.

  36. I have taken my time to read all urcoments.
    wat i hav to say is very simple…tecno phones are good… u are complaining about ota upgrade which is not too significant in a phone. tecno r7 has it it comes with an ota upgrade.
    secondly u guys are complainin of tecno batery thats it is bad but thats a blatant lie.batery goes down quickly because of the 3g network on and also the screen brightness and what u are using it to do.

  37. U guys are complainig of tecno, does infinix zero have ota upgrade, does hawaie p8 have ota upgrade. the only thing that is killing u guys is “i hear say”. stupid people. tecno r7 is competing with high phones not to talk of phantom z.

  38. Lets not involve emotional attachments to our comments. What the blogger poster. Were right. But the only probs is,he judged to fast. An upcoming brand. Cnt be noticed today nd tomorrow match up with iPhone 6. But there’s been upgrades. Yea. Trust me. U dnt want to see my phantom Z. Den u wud know dt. Slow and steady wins d race. 3030mAh batterylife. Amoled glass. OTA. 2,3,4,5g network. No need to do the shit called rooting. Notification is superb. The home key blinks!!! And guess what?? Kim on gues. My front camera of 8MP comes with a flash light!!! I mean bright enough to spike a touch. Yes. Tecno has issh. Bt its nt the 1st. I used an Infinix zero. Killer phone. 13MP. Even wit 13Gb internal and 2Gb ram. Wen am playing my game. My gorrila glass back becomes so hot. And dts kinda shit u knw. But try Tecno phantom Z nd tnk me later.

  39. Comment… don’t think yu guys need to criticize tecno, or post what is not truly verified about the brand,neither you be sentimental,I’m sure no one is coarced to buy a tecno phone or whatever brand you never wish to,let everyone does as he has resolved in his heart and what is avail in his purse,nothing is permanent, and nothing having adv and doesn’t having its bad side even humans,we all have good and bad side even you!

  40. hey guys, u av 2 stop insulting urself at least yhu all know dat one man’s meat z anoda man’s poison.i cannot say dat tecno z dat good. bt d lower ones ar ok wit their price. all phones have their side effects.

  41. Well… I have used tecno phones for three consecutive times. The issues you raised are peculiar to yourself. I wholly agree with the first issue about system updates but as for the battery… I think Tecno batteries are not too bad. It all depends on one’s degree of usage.
    I strongly do not agree with the last issue on “similarity of product”. I have touched several other tecno android phones and have seen that they’ve come with assorted designs of user interface and also the in-built apps.

  42. False but, God will renew your lost strengths , on posting this shit, and @everyone making this post the one of unproportionate #blessup✌ as matter of ota update I blame themselves called chinkoers for not been able to enabled that. But p5 has update enabled….. Talking about battery lifetime is where am gonna turn a Thomas ,,,, bcos I’m making use of Tecno ( C ronaldo 7 ,CR7) & Tecno p5 ) and both of them perform s great job in battery life, in fact both of them works nice, both in battery and in every thing ,,
    But a little bug on my Tecno P5 is that (1) it does hangs whenever Downloaded apps is more than 55 , no matter the percentage of Sdcard inside.. (2) I cannot make video call with it at the moment,, any help??. Despite that, I’m in love with it.

    Then about update, if you have tecno p5, go to your phone SETTINGS scroll down to ABOUT PHONE and look up to CHECK FOR UPDATE just click on it and check if new version is available for your model .. 1s again, a big thanks to the blog owner.

  43. My own experience with tecno is not bad at all.
    P5 has been a loyal phone to me and even the ba3 is encouraging.
    Buh i do take the simplest maintenance tips seriously.

    @Admin, I love the way you respond to comments, more power to ur elbow.

    @Mr SAM…i can see u 🙂

  44. Comment…bro did tecno have fate produced,because I buy tecno m5 and they say d internal mamora is 4Gb while my is not up 1Gb,the camera is 8.0 mega and is not clear

  45. my tecnoS9 drains battery like hell…it fell when on charge and now its stuck on 99%…for 2 hours now…i am seriously scared…tecno products sucks!!

  46. The problem with people is our desire. It jss3 just to insatiable. You pay low and want more, can we remember when Nokia 3310 was sold for 20k upwards, and calling was the only option aside message and radio. Let look on the bright side always. Define your needs and go for it. I love tecno for so many reasons. Never speak bad of any commodity, just go for what you need.

  47. I will only agree with you on the OTA update which I believe is not even compulsory for every phone user like me, I really upgrade my phone. At times when u upgrade fault begins to develop. Bro Tecno battery can’t be compared with even Samsung, HTC and likes. Tecno battery last longer

  48. Comment…you are soooo perversed ethically, u must have been hired by some other smart phone producers to boycott tecno product, i wonder how much token they will even pay you,

    unfortunately All the claims u made were wrong aside from being nonsensical, is it that u dont have a good brain to reason deep, before concluding or what?????

    u need to intensify ur knowledge before opening ur filthy mouth to speak.

    knowledge is everywhere right now, u need not go to school b4 knowing somethings. as a result, a very large mass of people Are generally literates.

    this implies, u cant just come on Air and say any trash u feel like saying. and people will accept it. that was b4, during neolithic times. now every body is a veteran in his or her world.

    anything u claim u need to back it up with a sound proof

  49. Positives
    If those with negative response understand u, I think they should know u are right but they don’t.
    On d battery issue, u clearly stated that those that uses their phone often and its correct.
    I use tecno p9 men its a shit!
    It hangs anyhow, I hardly enjoy it for the purpose of which it was bought.
    What can I do about it? I’ve tried flashing it but still came up even when I refused to download or receive anything.
    Pls ur candid advice.

  50. Comment
    ……well with all due respect to he whom pisted this blog about tecno phones not being so good..my response toward your blog is that all youv given is merely rubbish..more like allegations of counterfecy towards the phone company..no phone has an everlasting battery ..no phone is perfect but while talking about phones my friend..dont leave out quality phones..like say for instance the tecno phantom Z A7..screen resolution better than the iphone 5s..a camera better than the s6 edge super amoled screen..and thats just but afew mentioned..i take it that you havent done your research..edit or delete your blog..its mere nonsense..n i repeat..no offence

    1. You mean the post should be edited to suit what you think ot what? It was clearly stated there that the opinions are that of the writer and not a generalization,so telling the writing to delete or edit the post is babaric ,moreoever the article wasn’t posted today,so comparing the incomparable is out of place

      1. Comment

        i beleive ur not really the writter are you..im giving the blogger a chance to pertake the previllages of editing and deleting..and i beleive its not really your duty to decide what is and what is not to be done here..talking about phones..tecno is sofar the best brand i have used..

    2. You mean the post should be edited to suit what you think ot what? It was clearly stated there that the opinions are that of the writer and not a generalization,so telling the writing to delete or edit the post is babaric ,moreoever the article wasn’t posted today,so comparing the incomparable is out of place

  51. As a matter of fact tecno phantom z is the only android smartphone that never hangs.For me it is a win-win situation for tecno manufacturers and users .Say like why would you expect Tecno Y3S beat Tecno L8(5050MAh) in battery capacity or Tecno C9 to beat Tecno phantom z in pictures taken by it. Or do I say Tecno C8 will ever overwhelm Tecno C5 in 4G internet connective.Finally I rest my case phantom 5 one of the latest Tecno phone with
    upto 10 finger print unlock slots be succumbed by the security of A mere Tecno Y6 unlock pattern.My friend quality lies in the eyes of money.You wont expect 10,000 Naires to serve all the above features or won’t you ?
    Food for thought .

  52. I know this commenter is ignorant, so please do the following:
    1. Check the date this article was posted. Can be found on top of the page.

    2. Check our recent posts on Tecno phones.

    Then you can come back here and talk sense. Or better still wait for the effects of the thing you sniffed this morning to wear off.

  53. I recommend u Guys to buy Tecno Y6 its Cheap and OK!!! 5’inch 8GB memory 5MP &2MP Camera and I bought it 65 Dollars In Ethiopia

  54. I have tecno phantom 5 i buy this phone in saudi arabia its superb fantastic long battery i often not remember to charge it while sleeping then after whole night the battery drink only 2 or 3 %. I like it in this 2 months i havent. Find any problem in this superb phone and nice phone i love it very cute model the big thing that i love is it is better then huavie g8 it has 8 mega pix camera front with flash anddd light weitlght my english so weak . my phone is gold good camera good batery fantastic call voice and looking like a fancy lady in ur hands and the best thing is bright screen and huge speaker like tape . i love tecno phantom 5 n 6

  55. Personally, i don’t see any wrong with the original post. He’s making his review on his tried and tested tecno devices and is now telling us the flaws he encountered. Not bad to me though! Pls i want to purchase tecno w4, anyone with info on that device? And how long can a tecno device last with proper care!

  56. I just HATE the fact the TECNO functions only in Africa.. its a very good model to do so.. After using the Y3 for complete 2 years it got stolen in a week before my Trip to America as an Exchange Student.. I ended up buying a metro-PCS dirt for 85$ that has just 4GB internal storage and keeps telling You “Storage is 10% available”!!!! I love TECNO so much I want to buy a Phantom 6PLUS RIGHT NOW BUT CAN’T.

  57. The writer here has a great courage to say the truth. I have tecno y6 now a very fake one, some of it`s problems are;
    1. It fails to rec organize sims especially sim2
    2.Too slow to load
    3. It can not be flashed
    4. Very weak battery
    5 No phone mamory
    How can I identify original phone if I want to buy next time

  58. I know this is 2017 and a lot of things have changed. I have never owned a Tecno phone and don’t know if I will ever opt for one. Not even now that I have the choice to have a Nokia android device. But I have worked with phones, including Tecno phones for long. The truth has been said by your post. Most of the negative replies to your post here are built on the foundation of emotion and as such, those comments are not objective but subjective. But for me, it’s my iPhone all the way. If I must go for an android device, then it will be a Samsung Note4 or Note5. Well done bro. Please write more of this posts to help Nigerians who have been brainwashed to get back their righteous mind.

  59. u dis Ige ebima or what, all u have written are total rubbish, maybe its because u don’t have money to buy confirm techno phone maybe days why its paining you cos if u want a tecno android with better batteries, they are so much in the market like techno l8, l8 plus, techno l9,l9plus and if it is about upgrading versions u are wrong because there are so many techno phones with higher versions that even some most upgradable phones cannot be upgraded to DAT version e.g phones like techno l9 and l9 plus which are android 7.0 and if u think this techno l9 and l9 plus are to cost then why can’t u go for techno W series like techno w2 with android 6.0 ,w3 with android 6.0 ,w4 with android 6.0 and w5 with android 6.0 and experience how powerful techno phones are, so I think u are being paid salaries to be criticizing techno phones and so, if it is so you will have to retire because u are just speaking like an old man who doesn’t know anything about smart phones . so pls don’t buy all this little techno phones like techno m3 , so please if u don’t have money to buy confirm techno phone try and hustle to buy confirm techno phones and stop all this trash that you are saying.

  60. muzzammil was right cos I think this Ige ebima is an illiterate who doesn’t know anything about techno phones and someone who comes online to say trashes about techno phones , maybe he is being paid to say trashes about techno or because he doesn’t have money to get original techno phones, so I think this ige ebima needs to be resting at home, than go online to be saying trashes about techno phones.

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