Iphone 5s,5c:Features,Specifications and Prices

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Apple Inc. has finally released not one, but two phones – the phone 5C and the 5S bringing to an end months of rumours and speculations about the new  iphone and the new IOS7.The company also set the release date for iOS 7, saying the new mobile OS would be available free for all compatible devices on Sept. 18, two days before the phones start selling.

The latest apple IOS7 powered iphones is coming as a successor and an improvement to the to the iphone 5 which was released sometimes in 2012.

Apple  today announced the 5C as a lower-end phone, with the 5S being its higher-end sibling,but both runs on the iOS7 operating system and will be available to buy in the UK from September 20.







The higher-end iphone 5s which comes in gold color is loaded with several unique features including

A chip with 64-bit architecture [makin iphone 5s iPhone 5s the first 64-bit smartphone in the world — that’s desktop-class architecture in a superslim phone],

A fingerprint identity sensor,

A better, faster auto focus camera.

And an operating system built specifically for 64-bit.

And an improved battery life of up to 250 hours of standby and 10 hours of talktime

The handset which looks very similar to the original iPhone 5, presents itself in a gold finish as well as the familiar black and white, with contract prices starting at

  • 16GB: $199
  • 32GB: $299
  • 64GB: $399


iphone 5c


Any one of these features in a smartphone would make it ahead of its time. All of these features in a smartphone make it an

 iPhone that’s definitely ahead of its time.

The iphone 5c is a cheaper version of iphone 5S and its coming as apples first budget phone and an attempt by apple to stay on top of the increasingly competitive smartphone market. in essence,  The iPhone 5C is a plastic version of the iPhone 5

Lower end iphone 5c  will be available for $549 for a 16GB version or $649 for 32GB. With a two-year contract, the price drops to $99 and $199, respectively.The iPhone 5C will be available from all four major U.S. carriers — Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile


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  1. Hahahahaha not been a slave (fan) of an iphone that is what Kingsley is trying to say. Those iPhone freaks who are ready to spend their last penny on the smartphone’s new products in town. I heard people will soon start queing up for the purchase.

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