5 Ways to Increase Your Efficiency as a Home-based Worker

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Working at home has a lot of perks. First is that you don’t have to travel to the office. This saves you a lot of money and time. Another is that you don’t feel pressured and stressed; a mutual feeling that office workers share. A number of workers feel more comfortable and stress-free when working at home. However, there comes a time when it does make one feel ineffective and unproductive. It’s a different atmosphere; you might feel too relaxed and free to do anything you want to and you might end up messing your job. Even if you are working at home, you have to be extra aware of your productivity and effectiveness. It’s still a job, only that you work in a different environment. Below are some key factors to successfully work from and methods on how you can achieve each one:1.  A clean desk can be a good sight to see and can improve your mood even if you have tons of tasks to work on for the day. Before you close up shop on your home office, arrange your desk first. Place your documents where it should be, trash should be thrown away, dirty mugs and dishes brought to the dishwasher and other things that needs to be cleaned and arranged. It is better that you do it a day before so you won’t be wasting your working hours.

2.  A messy work schedule can be a headache to deal with. By the time that you do your tasks, you would feel drained and tired already. By organizing your tasks and your schedule, you can go through them easily and quickly. Prioritize your tasks according to importance and urgency. For each difficult task, make sure you allot enough time so you can finish them without problems.

3.  Business and pleasure don’t mix well together. Most people fail to be successful with their home-based business or jobs because they tend to mix work and fun. The best thing to do is to set your working hours. If you decide to work from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, make sure that you inform the people you are living with. These hours should be dedicated to work alone and shouldn’t be mixed with doing household chores, planning a family vacation, etc. There’s just enough remaining hours during the day that you can use for these extracurricular activities.

4. Successful companies like RingCentral and those in the Fortune 500 list understand and see the importance of multitasking. But take note, multitask only those that can be done together and limit it to two or three tasks. Some people are against multitasking because the chance of committing mistakes is high. However, multitasking can improve efficiency and productivity in the office. Choose those tasks that can be multitasked – especially the easy ones. Don’t try to do things at the same time particularly those that are complicated, difficult and take a lot of time.

5.  Since you have the advantage of working at home, don’t chain yourself to just one place. From time to time, move your workplace around your house. If you work in the study room, try to work in the dining area if no one’s using it. If you feel comfortable working in the garden or at a nearby coffee shop, do so. Staying in one place can be boring, causing the person to become unproductive. A change of environment might be something you need.


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5 Replies to “5 Ways to Increase Your Efficiency as a Home-based Worker”

  1. Ugee

    Wonderful Write Up! Multi Tasking is one thing I just can’t stop doing. It happens unconsciously. While I’m on one thing, I’ll see another… then another… then another. It’s a very bad habit anyway.

    As for having a Tidy Table, I’ll work on that, though it’s almost impossible for me.

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  3. Michael H. Morgan

    Hi all,
    Thanks for dropping by and checked out my recent posting. Hope that this tips helps you become more production while working at home.

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