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Google+ Communities, LinkedIn groups and Face book groups are all  huge sources of  blog traffic today. Sadly, most bloggers fail to realize this point. These groups are free to create and free to join. However, in this post my attention will be focused on Google+ Communities that that you can use to pull traffic and backlinks to your blog.

Before I continue to list these Google+ Communities, let me state here that it is very essential you play by the rules of these communities, otherwise you may be kicked out

Get Guest Posts and Find Guest Bloggers

The membership of this group currently stands at 256 and the group is dedicated entirely to finding guest posts for your blog and finding guest bloggers as well.The rules of the community is clear   = Please follow our guidelines in here; do not post links here, if you must do, REMOVE THE “HTTP” and “WWW” – Do not SPAM the Community with your blog links.

SEO+ – Search Engine Optimization / Website Design

This is an SEO Community for Sharing and Discussing Cutting-Edge Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Tips On Google+.

Fitness Bloggers

The Fitness Blogger Network is a community for health and fitness bloggers on Google+. This community is NOT for sharing health and fitness advice… It seeks for engaging content about blogging, social media and SEO….

Blogging for Beginners

This  community is a perfect one for  for new and intermediate bloggers to learn more about blogging.Its membership cuurently stands at 975.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is a great place to talk about all possible uses of Social Media and the Internet for both your personal and business needs. Although this is a heavily moderated/curated community, we are open to any and all that would like to talk tips, tricks, news and business strategies centered around social media

SEO Questions

This is a forum to ask for help with technical SEO questions including Google Authorship, Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, the disavow tool (disavowal tool) or anything related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) such as HTML, DNS, SEO audits, Mobile, Mobile Search, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing and the Semantic Web. Please do not self-promote or advertise. Spammers will be banned, blocked, and reported.


This community is for bloggers of a wide array of topics. Do you blog about music? Photography? Films? Short Stories? All of that is here for you to talk about. Promote your blog! You may promote your blog, but please don’t spam the community.


This  Google+ Community stand for anything wordpress,but not for self promotion.You can ask wordpress related questions and proffer solution to others problem


This group is for new and old bloggers to discuss everything related to running a successful blog from hosting to email marketing to social media and crafting cracking headlines. Try to help each other out, comments and re-share useful content


SEO is a community to exchange information and share the latest information between SEOs around the world.

Do you have some active facebook Google+ community that i did  not  here? Of course, there are tons of them out there. Leave a comment below and include url to one community you can recommend.

Share this with your friends on social media. I’m sure they’ll like to know about these Google+ communitiess. Use the sharing links below.

Are you owner of one of these facebook groups? Let’s know so we can say thank you.

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  1. Hey Ige,

    Thanks for providing something this comprehensive….believe me, I was looking for the exact manner of communities you have enumerated here.

    – Terungwa

  2. Hi Ebima,

    I’m more interested in SEO so I guess I’ll be checking groups in those category out, thanks for sharing buddy. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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