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How To Embed Facebook Post Into Website/Blog


Facebook on On Wednesday rolled out the embedded post feature,a feature with  the ability to embed, or place, public Facebook posts on other Web sites, including users’ own blogs. These posts can include multimedia, such as pictures,texts or video.

Embedded Posts display just like they do on Facebook, with the ability to show pictures, videos, hashtags, and other content. People can interact with Embedded Posts by:

  • Liking or sharing the post directly from your web page
  • Liking the Page or following other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visiting the post’s comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook

How do I embed a Facebook post I’ve shared onto a website/Blog?

Currently,only facebook post you have shared publicly can be embedded to a blog/website,so do ensure you check the status of your post  by hovering over the audience selector (you’ll see a globe icon).

To embed a post:

  1. Go to the post you want to embed
  2. Click the  icon in the top right of the post and select Embed Post
  3. Copy and paste the code that appears and add it to your own website or web page

If you’ve embedded a post onto a website but then change the audience from Public, a message saying the embedded post is no longer available will appear on the website.

Here is a sample of an embeded post


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For  now this feature is not yet available to the public for use.Facebook post Embedding is slated for a full roll out later on, but for now you can get preview on five sites namely; Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and People.


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  1. Wow! This is a very nice update by Facebook, I now that Faceook is doing what is great in social network industry and one step ahead of others.

  2. Thanks for sharing this tip . i have seen this on a blog but I could not understood how the blog owner done that . I you make me understood finally .

  3. Nice post bro this is the first time am coming accross such an article as this awesome, dude i must say i have not heard about embeding facebook on a website so this post just opened my eyes to all this.
    thanks for sharing IGE

  4. great read! definitely an innovative idea, I just figured that out now from their developers tools dashboard.

    thanks for the share

  5. I’ve been using the Facebook embed feature for a while now… At the end of last year some Youtube haters shutdown my channel for about a month so I just switched over to using Facebook for a while. With this and all the other changes Facebook’s making I think they’ll be giving Google/Youtube one heck of a run for their money LOL! Nice post!

    -Eric Out-


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