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Answers to 20 Social Media Questions you’ve Been Asking


There are literally thousands of questions that people ask all the time about social media. The most frequent ones are about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but there are lots of random questions going online all the time. Here is a nice little mix of questions about social media, some of which will probably surprise you.

1 – Does Google+ authorship get me more traffic?

Yes it does; people are able to see what you have written and are then given access to your other articles within the authorship profile.

2 – Does social media help my SEO?

Yes it does, even if some of the things being posted online are negative. Try your best to integrate social media into your website as much as you can. Start a Google+ page, and Facebook Fan page, and Twitter profile.

3 – Are my social media posts seen on the Google search engine results pages?

Yes, a lot of them are. Your Facebook and Google+ ones certainly are, as are your YouTube posts. Even posts from Twitter have been seen on there.

4 – Is a Google Page like a Facebook fan page?

It is almost the same thing. You set up a fan page on Facebook for a website or business, and you can do the same on Google+ with their Google+ page.

5 – Can I set up a fake Facebook profile?

Yes you can, and there are a lot of them out there. You can pretend to be another person, or you can set one up for your dog or cat if you wish.

6 – Is my post protected by copyright?

Legally, if you are posting it on a public forum such as Facebook then it is not in many cases, but for example, if you post part of a book, then that book is still copyrighted. It is a tricky question, but as a default you should assume no.

7 – Can I break the law on social media?

Yes, very easily. Just because it is poorly policed does not mean you are not breaking the law. Posting copyrighted videos or posting images of drug usage or child abuse is illegal.

 8 – Does social media make it easier to steal my identity?

Yes it does, very much so. With social media people are able to look at your profile and discover a massive amount out about you, making it very easy to steal your identity.

9 – Is social media monitored by the government?

Yes, it is heavily monitored, but they are looking for criminals, ideas of where terrorists are, and ideas on how fat you look in that outfit.

 10 – Can people copy my images from social media?

Yes they can. Even the pages that have image protection protocols that do not allow you to save an image may still have screen-prints taken of them.

 11 – Can I lie about my age on social media?

Yes, people do it all the time. There are hundreds of young people pretending to be old people, and old people pretending to be young. There are no real safeguards against putting the wrong age on your social media profile.

12 – Can social media be used to create an online reputation?

 Yes it can, social media can be used in order to make it appear as if you are funny, or an expert, or even a great lover. It is a communication platform, which means you can create a reputation on it.

 13 – Can I stop myself from being bullied via social media?

You are able to block users from looking at your profile or commenting on your profile in many cases, but sadly there is always ways around it. The only permanent solution is to close your account down.

14 – Could my account be cancelled even if I did nothing wrong?

 Yes it can. All of the mainstream social media networks have a clause that says they can close down your profile for no reason, with not notice, and permanently. It often happens when another person reports you for something (even though they have no proof that you did or did not do something).

 15 – Why would someone want to hack my social media account?

Social media may be used to improve the SEO of another website, and may be used to influence other people. They may even hack it to get your personal information.

16 – Can I get in trouble from Google by soliciting links on Facebook?

The official answer is no, as Google are not supposed to be monitoring it for people soliciting links for their websites. But, whether they are or not is unclear.

 17 – How can I tell if the other profile user is a real person?

 You cannot. As an ordinary citizen, you can open up a free social media account on almost any social media network and get an account up and running. There are no background checks and no way of knowing who really owns a social media profile.

 18 – Can I direct sell things on social media?

Not on any of the mainstream social media networks unless you sign up for their affiliate program and create a direct-sell advert.

19 – Is brand building possible with social media?

Yes, just like building an online reputation, you may also build a brand and teach people on social media about your brand principles, goals and beliefs.

20 – Is contact via social media a possible breach of restraining orders?

Yes, if you have an form of injunction against you that states you cannot contact a person then you are breaking the injunction (and the law) if you make any contact over social media.

What question about social media do you hear the most? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Bio: Kate Funk is an expert in online tutoring . She coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills.

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  1. Lol, virtually 80% of the social media users lie about their age, and majorly about their privacy. Thanks for this tip bro!

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