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Mobile phones are morphing rapidly into multifunctional mobile computers that can also be used to make phone calls. It seems whatever your interest or requirement might be, there is a mobile phone application that is designed for it.

For instance, if you are interested in astronomy, there is now a mobile phone application that uses GPS to map the night sky so that, if you point your phone at the stars, it will tell you what constellations or planets you are pointing at. It makes use of combination of GPS, a built in magnetometer (compass), and the phone’s accelerometer, to decide to where it points. If you want to see what the sky looks like in Australia, you just point the phone at the ground.

Do you ever get that tune in your head and you can’t quite remember where it came from? Do you ever hear a song but can’t quite place the name of the song or the band? Now it is possible to dial a number, place your phone towards the source of the song, say the radio or TV. The number connects to a computer network that will analyse the song by breaking it down into its basic components. It will then compare these components with a vast music database in order to identify your original song. Within moments you will get a text message giving you the name of the band and the song along with an offer to download the song to your phone or to purchase the CD.
Nowadays most mobile phones have cool multi-megapixel cameras that can take a pretty reasonable shot given the microscopic size of the lens, but quite often you want to show your pictures to several people at the same time. Passing your phone from person to person, then incrementing to the next picture and so on is not the best way to spend an evening, but what if you could project your pictures onto a screen? New models of mobile phones will have built in powerful projectors with resolutions similar to those of laptop computers. Point your phone at a wall and you will be able to show all your friends your snaps at the same time.

These are just a few examples of where mobile phone technologies are heading, and the pace of development is accelerating. The mobile phone of he future will be astounding.


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