Instagram Video Raves and Rants

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In response to Twitter’s Vine application, Facebook developed Instagram 4.0 which features video sharing. Now, you can post clips that are at most 15 seconds in length. To give you an idea about users’ responses, just within 24 hours after launching, over 5 million videos were already uploaded by users worldwide!

While many were pretty excited about the new feature, some were also disappointed. Now to better understand their positions, let’s weigh the pros and cons of the Instagram video.


Here’s what most users love about the new feature:

  • Moments in action. This upgraded version allows us to see more of what is done in the captured moments in pictures. Plus, it will let you feel as if you’re just close to where the video was taken. A 15-min clip sent by your sister abroad will surely make a lot “connection” than a single photo.
  • Focus. While capturing videos, you can tap the area of the frame which you want to focus just like a pro! This is one of the main edges of Instagram compared to other video sharing apps. It’s like you’re using high-end video cameras every time!
  • Filter. The IG’s trademark which allows the photos to be filtered can actuall y be used as well with videos! Hence, there’s no need to worry with lighting and exposure even in videos.
  • Clip editing. You don’t have to record the videos in one take. You can take-cut-take the videos depending on your preference on which scenes you only want to take. Plus, you can even delete the frames you dislike by just clicking the “X” button beside the ‘capture video’ button!
  • Cover photos. It allows you to choose which frame within the video you would want to set as a preview for your followers to see. And since everyone wants to showcase what’s best, through this, our feed will be salvaged from staging ugly captured scenes.


Personally, I think the IG video is off to a good start. However, there is room for major improvement which we, hopefully, will see in the next updates.

  • Slow uploads wash the video away. As videos possess more memory, it means the longer period to upload them compared with photos. As a result, you cannot multi-task in your Instagram while the video is in the process of uploading. So if you suddenly want to take another video or a photo, the loading video will just vanish. And worse, that video won’t be even saved in your phone’s gallery unlike what it does with photos.
  • Importing not allowed. Many of IG users don’t actually use the app’s camera when capturing photos. Some normally uses their digital cameras for far better quality photos. These are then transferred to devices’ galleries and will be exported in Instagram. However, this can’t be done with videos. Thus, it never gives you the freedom of sharing your best videos at hand plus it limits the users to settle for the IG videos that might even get lost when the uploading screws up.
  • Plays without permission. While scrolling through your feed, some videos where you stop at suddenly play especially when the Internet connection is too fast. This becomes annoying especially when your device is on the loudspeaker. Plus, the icon which indicates that it is a video is too tiny to notice.
  • Exclusivity. What the app brags about its ‘cinema’ feature which stabilizes the captured images is only exclusive to high end devices such as iPhones 4s and up. Lower-end devices will face challenges with compatibility.
  • Distorted quality. Because of the exclusivity of the ‘cinema’ feature, the qualities of video captured through the excluded devices are not so good. Among these are grainy details especially when captured in low light, crumbs appearing in the frame which distorts the real setting being captured, and more tiny details.

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  1. Histagram is now becoming great. Although am not instagram fan but with this feature I need to check it buddy. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  2. Instagram already looks like it is going to be the next big hit just after tumblr and has decided to descend to oblivion.

    The fact that most celebrities now uses instagram could be the reason it is beginning to sour very high.

    Your tips on video will also help me get started with instagram being a total novice on the system.

    Thanks for sharing all of these

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