5 Actions To Try Instead Of Begging For Blog Comments

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I guess you never befriend that kid in school who kept following you around the playground saying “be my friend”? What about if/when he came round your house after school to do it? No, i do not  think you ever yielded,and even if you did i am almost sure the friendship never last or was not even  a true friendship… so why are you doing or behaving the same way to you blog readers/visitors? compelling them to leave a comment on your blog post.

Remember comments builds an active  community that develops around your blog that will make it successful. Without a community reading and interacting with each others  through comments, your blog will be completely one-sided and boring for visitors.This account for why most bloggers goes to the extent of doing everything possible including  begging visitor to leave comments on their post

Take out 2 or three minutes of your time to read through the 5 actions to try instead of begging for blog comments,then ensure you strive hard to implement them and see the comments on your next post skyrocketing


Comment-worthy Content

You already know that content is king,the same is true in the sight of huma/your blog reasers.To get more comments,you shouldd dedicate much of your time to writing great contents,but you should also invite comments  by being open-ended and conversational.

comments on similar blogs

Blog commenting is not yet dead . It still works wonders  if  and only if its done  the right  way.Blog commenting  can fetch you tons of targeted visitors to your site. You should try to comment on blogs similar to your niche since you know that the readers from that blog might be interested in your stuff due to relevancy. It won’t be sensible commenting on tech blogs while your blog is health related. Those visitors who came to your blog through meaningful comments you left on other blogs would like to leave comment on your post

Keep your commenting system simple

Leaving comments on your blog should be as easy as possible.One thong most visitors detest is having to go through the registration stage before hey are able to leave comments on your blog.To achieve this ,i recommend you enable  commenting through email ids, social media sites, open id, url ,removing CAPTCHA and other hurdles to commentinget.

Pocket Your Pride  Reciprocate Comments.

Most comments left on your blog post are left out of interest on the post,so taking your time to visit your commenter blog and leave a meaningful comment there,acknowledging them for visiting your blog.This goes a long way to telling your blog commenter that their visit,comment was actually appreciated and will stil e welcomed anytime any day.

Be Concise In Writing

Not everyone has all the time on earth to read your article of about 1000-1500.An average visitor spends 2-3 minutes on a page,that is just enogh to scan through a 300-400 word article and stil have time to consider leaving a comment if  the post is worthy of his/her comment.

Make Your Blog Popular

Have you ever wondered why and how some blog post receives close to a thousand comments?.I guess that is because they are popular and authority blogs in their niches.If you have a popular blog,you are sure of getting comments on your blog even if your post is short,long or even if its makes little or n o sense,provided such post is on a popular blog,people would ordinarily wish to comment if not for anything but for backlink and possible  traffic.

Lastly,i would advise you not to ever  beg friends through Email , beg on Facebook or even on twitter for them to comment.Such comment may not be a true reflection of their real thought about your post.

Do n0t Forget to share your views about what do u think on this post and also share with us other working tips you use to get more comments on your blog post.

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17 Replies to “5 Actions To Try Instead Of Begging For Blog Comments”

  1. Kelvin

    Nice writeup bro , i agree with you on the point of keeping the comment system simple….i always leave comments on blogs that have their comment form on the page of that same post and dosent conatin captcha..usually , i find it difficult to leave comments on blogs that have captha enabled on their comment form , not because i cant answer the captcha but because i find ”Enabling Captcha in Comment Form” unimportant….have a lovely evening

  2. Victor Noah

    I definitely agree with you bro. I hate spending my little time struggling to leave a comment on blogs. That’s why i myself do advice bloggers to keep their comment system clean. I don’t like spending my precious time with captcha. Thanks for sharing these bro.

  3. Delwar

    Commenting will be come automatically if you have something worth to comment for. A user will spend time and read the post to reply just if he/she thinks you have written a great piece. Except for the authority blog you can easily get comments just by improving your blogging skill on the subject matter.

  4. Dan Dollars

    While I do agree with all your points, I still think there is nothing bad with asking. Even the Holy Book says to ask.


      You are absolutely correct FORTUNE51,nothing wrong with asking at all,but do remember the comment from asking/begging may not be a true reflection of what is in the readers mind,particularly when that person is your friend ,he or she would like to please you.
      Thanks for your contribution to this topic,you are appreciated

      • Dan Dollars

        There is this guy who always send out email newsletters begging us to comment so he could post the article. And it seems to be working. It not uncommon to see articles with over 100 comments and so on.

        I dont follow with what you mean by true reflection, asking is asking. It is telling someone that you need his contribution, I do however belive one should it properly.

  5. Tobi

    I really loved the “pocket your pride” region of this post…. this is a good write up bro i must commend you for this.

  6. Arleen

    I agree with you about begging, however with that said it should be, but it isn’t with many people, common courtesy to go the person’s site that left the comment and reciprocate. At the end of the day it is all about supporting one another.

  7. Adesanmi Adedotun

    I believe you caught me right about this post, comment play an important role in building blogging relationship, and bring about quality backlink from a dofollow blog. I love comment so much and the impact of comment on my blog is worth a living testimony.

  8. Chadrack

    I totally agree that it is not very good to be begging for comments however, asking questions at the end of the post that some how induce the person to post a comment is not bad. At least we are marketing and as we do know if you don’t put that call to action, no one will do it!

    Thanks for shaing.

  9. Susan Velez

    I totally agree with you that commenting is a great way to drive traffic to a site. I know from my own personal experience if the blogger makes it difficult to leave a comment, I just move on.

    I am not only using blog commenting to drive traffic to my blog, but I want to build relationships and I am finding that it is working.

  10. Mark Holt

    At first I was shocked to see nobody has mentioned the fact that the captcha prevents automated tools and software’s from replicating the same comment on multiple blogs. The I saw the simple tickbox and thought this could be where I’m going wrong seeing as though I have a captcha plugin.

    It’s a helpful post you have here but I’d also like to add that blog commenting is excellent for social proof. Nobody wants to visit a blog and realise they were one of the only visitors. Once they see a community of unique visitors engaging in discussion and debates, like most of us, new visitors would also like to voice their opinions.

  11. Dems

    Leaving comments on blog posts is a very crucial part of building your profile as an authority in your field. What you write is how you would be rated with regards to your expertise on the subject matter! It’s better not to leave a comment than to leave a mindless comment! I personally enjoy reading comments on any article or blog post I read. Just like I enjoy reading the list of references in an academic article or book. They both lead me to other players in that particular field of study!

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