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Information Age, Writers’ Age, Join the Rage


There’s an old adage that goes, “there is nothing constant but change”–add “technology” in it. SEO has also changed its standard. Say good bye to old school SEO and say hello to the rage in the cyber world. People have heard of it before, they just gave it a fancy buzzword –it’s Content Marketing. Web crawlers are way more sophisticated than before and it abandoned the old tedious SEO and shifted to quality. Page content should be worthy to read, not just a bunch of words put together to increase ranking. We are really in the information age.

Marketing online is a battlefield full of warriors who want to sit in the throne. Anybody can pick up a sword easily but the dilemma is how to swing it and make the enemies yield theirs and bring them to their knees. Anybody can write, but content marketing has a few tricks that should be learned to ensure the crown. It’s also important not to run out of ideas and be creative.


Techie consumers look for the specs of the product they are eyeing to buy. Emphasize special features of the product that others lack.

Other than specifications, a product description is very important. There should be a summary with only a few but impactful sentences and a long version of it should be provided as well for meticulous clients.

Pros and Cons
Shoppers like to know the pros and cons of an item. Like the product description, write a short and long one. Remember not to sound salesy so don’t be afraid to put the cons.

Reviewing the merchandise should be fair. Product description, and advantages and disadvantages can be found here. Clients look for a real person who reviews a specific product, rather than an employee from the same company trying to sell it.

Compare two or more products side by side. Everything from specs, features to price. This will cause a stir and viewers will have a small debate which one is more awesome resulting to free ads.

How To
Even if there is an instructor user manual, buyers still seek for information online on how to use the products they bought. While potential buyers who are information seekers, often look up for a step by step guide to set up, start or use them.

Tips establish that the writer is an expert. Thus, it builds credibility. For gadgets, suggest some handy apps. For clothes, recommend some pairings that match the outfit. There are endless possibilities and imagination is a requirement.


Avoid sounding like a sales person. Bear in mind that the main focus is providing useful information not to flash a “Buy Me” button –at least that’s what you want them to believe. When people smell “sell,” they usually turn to other resources to look for fair and more superior info. Write something that can educate and help the clients.

Select a specific target market whether it’s demographic, profession, or State. It’s vital to have a fan base so don’t make them confused and be consistent to earn their trust. This is beneficial in the future since loyalty will be built.

It’s been done and still being done till now, not only in the military but also online. It might be unethical for some but it works. It’s a little thing called “spying.” Search for competitive keywords and look it up. Surf through the results, read blogs, check conversations and determine their strengths and weaknesses. Exploit those strengths and improve those weaknesses so an more developed content can be produced.

Time is really needed to do content marketing. Offer addictive articles which the audience can’t resist and will find themselves anticipating new ones day by day. Therefore, quality is the top priority to keep them begging for more.

Call to Action
There should be subliminal message that tells the reader to move his butt. He should be inspired and start doing stuff just what the content hints.

This post is written by Marlin Codie who works for leading-seo.com that caters SEO packages for growing online businesses.

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