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When it comes to monetizing a website, Google AdSense is the first method most online marketers,webmasters,and bloggers will think of. The key to the success of AdSense is that it places highly relevant ads on your website that are a close match to your niche, and you’re able to profit from every click.However,due to it pupularity and due to the increasing number of inflow of many online publishers into the adsense programe,getting an approved google adsense account has now become almost impossible and full of stigent policies which you must obey before you can get an approved account.

If you have been rejected by google adsense,here is a complete google adsense alternative with instant approval.Though i have not earned anything from it,because i just implemented it on my blog,but i had though it wise to share this info with those folks  who finds it difficult getting an approved adsense,or those banned by adsense.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a site that is as equally reliable as adsense and pays pretty well too, b4psad is a fast growing adverting network,that has the potential to wholely serve you as a complete   google adsense alternative

Why b4psads?

Just like google AdSense , b4psads  is a PPC,CPA ad network which places highly relevant ads on your website that are a close match to your niche, and you’re able to profit from every click and impression made on your website

What Are the requirements for approval as a publisher in B4PSAds:

There are no defined and strict  rules to be accepted in B4PSAds..but you are expected not to implement their ad code on a website with very few post and significantly low traffic. They will review the website before it is used as a publisher account.

 b4psads Mode of payment

b4psads earnings are estimated throughout the month and posted by the 5th of following month for withdrawal. At that time, you can withdraw your earnings to paypal or direct deposit to your bank after you reach a minimum payout of 50usd.

Getting Started With B4PSADS

To create your free B4sapds account and be a part of the many  publishers, go to,and click on the publisher registration tab.

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    1. you right,they are relatively new in the business.i have implemented their code already,it wont be bad if you give it a trial.
      thanks for your comment bro

  1. This is just great and if their TOS is not as strict as Google AdSense, one can just dabble into it if they pays something reasonable per click and let go off AdSense for now!

    1. Obviously their tos is not as tight as that of almighty google adsense,though yet to make a conclusion on the whole thing,but hopefully they wwill be doing well

  2. I guess Bp4ads is quite new because i havent heard of them…i will give it a try but what i will like to know is that is it compactable with google adsense???

  3. Nice post, but i prefer affiliate programs because even after you stop blogging, the income keeps coming. Besides, Google adsense is currently the best ppc network but with too much rules and regulations.

    1. Affilate marketing works great for those with huge traffic,but if your traffic is considerably ok,then adsense and other ppc wont be bad for,thanks for your comment

  4. I hope their cpc is a great deal because i stiil dont see any Ad network that beats adsense in terms of cpc and other stuffs

  5. Nice info but I doubt this their payment directly into your bank account here in Nigeria, though I have already register with them but I have not activate the email sent to me for account activation.

  6. Haven’t heard about B4PSAds before. Looks good, specially when teh minimum payout is $50.
    On my blog I am using ads by yahoo+bing.

  7. Sir my website got rejected when I applied for the adsense. I have 6 months old domain and I follow all the policies… I got reply form the adsense unacceptable content …i even don’t copy from any website….my website is please just have a look on my website and tell me the solution so that I can get adsense approval…

    1. Helo,i have checked your site,and its quite ok,the only advise i can give now is stop re applying for sometime,then concentrate on getting more quality articles before you apply again,but if you need an approved adsense account within 3 days,then contact me using my contact page for a deal

  8. Hi you have a nice site over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff for us! If you keep up this good work I’ll visit your weblog again. Thanks!

    Visit my website : configuration management jobs

  9. i have never hear of this ad network before. I have been making use of Adhit,infolinks and swiftadvert. but not of them is paying very well here in Nigeria. So,i hope this one will do. besides,i never see any other ad network that do integrate there adverts in a site as google adsense.

  10. To be very honest, Infolinks is not good for small publishers. I am not earning a single penny from them. But Bidvertisers and Adhexa are paying me more than $0.50 for 1000 views. They are best for small traffic websites or blogs. But if you have 1000+ daily visits from UK and USA then you should apply for they are paying much batter to Adsense. You can also apply for they are also paying good amount.

  11. Great post. Google Adsense is the leading money making source for many bloggers. But they often ban their users for various reasons, which is a major headache for all bloggers.

    Infolinks is a great website that helps us to make handsome money. The best about this network is that we can place both Adsense and Infolinks Ads in same blog/website because Infolinks doesn’t interrupt Adsense laws.

    Also, they offer many ad units for their publishers which are the reason for choosing this network.
    One again thanks for sharing this with us. Keep writing.

    Have a good day!

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