6 Quick Google Adsense Approval Tips

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As you may be aware,google adsense is the best,most popular,and most profitable way internet marketers make money from their online content without stress.However,due to it pupularity and due to the increasing number of inflow of many online publishers into the adsense programe,getting an approved google adsense account has now become almost impossible and full of stigent policies which you must obey before you can get an approved account.However, some people don’t bother to read the Adsense policies before applying and as a result usually gets dissaproved by google adsense.

If you are one of those struggling to get and an approved account,i must say you are in the right place,but i wont fail to tell you there is no magic to getting an approved adsense account.Abiding by the Google adsense tos together with putting your site in a right ful position does the magic.

So in today little piece will provide you with some basic  tips to getting a fast approval of google adsense

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Get a Top Level Domain

Getting a top level domain for your free domain makes your blog looks professional and makes you a serious blogger.Applying for adsense with a sub level domain will definitely see your application been disapproved.Top level domains extension like.com, .net and ,org are best for you depending on your need

Ensure Your Blog Is Navigable

Before considering applying for adsense,it is important you make you site easily navigable by both users and the google bots.Make sure your blog layout is less congested .Remember The google adsense team wants the best user experience for your blog visitor,wants them to easily  and genuinely click on their ads, and not been deceived to do so .Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking

Quality Content

This is the most important point to take into consideration before applying for adsense.Ensure your first 20 posta nd possibly all post you have are all unique and quality content which will be extremely useful to your blog readers.Most newbie bloggers only copy and paste contents from others peoples blog into their blog and apply for adsense.If you are one of those copy and paste bloggers  then probability of being approved by Adsense is zero.

Good Flow of Traffic.

Having good and reasonable in flow of traffic to your blog is as important as having quality and unique content and should be treated as one.Blog having an average page views of about 1000 per day usually get approved faster than sites with lesser page views.Most importantly,getting search engine traffic to your blog is a sure way of getting approved adsense

Good Amount Of Blog Posts

Do you want to apply for google  adsense approval with just one or two post on your blog?,then you must be ready to receive to receive an almost immediate dissaproval mail from the adsense team.Before applying for adsense approval,make sure your blog post count is something over 50 post and all must be oringinal and unique contents.Stuffing you blog with copied post will defintely not lead you anywhere.

When Is it right To Apply for adsense?

Having meet all or some of the above tips,you should now be faced with can i apply for adsense now?.I personally would not advise you to apply for adsense if you blog is not up to six months old.This time frame is required for you to put all neccessary thing in order,like getting unique and orignal contents and driving huge traffic to your blog.

These tips worked for me and some others and should work for you also if implemented properly.

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  1. Great tips friend, but personally I really do not like Adsense that much although it is a good source of income for small bloggers 🙂

    1. You are right brother,many bloggers dislike adsense especially because of their strict nature in term of approvalal and maintenance of approved account,i have seen big blogs doing well without adsesnse but that does not make it a source of income to small bloggers,big names in the blogosphere also earn from it..thanks for the comment,and hope to see more of your visit

  2. Thanks for sharing these great tips . I have tried to get approved for adsense several times . My blog meet all the requirement you mentioned above . But not getting approved for adsense . I pass the first step but google reject me in second step . And the reason is Site not comply with our policy .
    I am not able to understand what is the exact problem .

    1. yes,you can,but i advise anytime you wish to apply that you remove other ads,but it is not against their tos,removing other ad is just to be on a safer side,thanks for visiting and leaving an impression here,hope to see more of you

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