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How to Remove Mobilepress Footer Credits


The MobilePress is a WordPress  plugin   that renders a mobile friendly version of your WordPress website or blog. It allows custom themes and a few other mobile friendly settings.But mobile press comes with footer credits   that most of the users do not like and also  very hard for the beginers  knowledge to remove the footer credits,so am gonna take you through a  little steps that would see you removing the mobilepress footer credit

Login to your control panel or open your ftp client

Go to your file manager and locate your root folder

Now navigate to

wp-content==>>  plugins ==>> mobilepress ==>> themes ==>> default ==>> footer.php

Open your footer.php file in a text editor and locate

<p>Powered By <a href=”http://wordpress.org”>WordPress</a> and<ahref=”http://mobilepress.co.za”>MobilePress</a></p>

Found the above code? if yes then delete it or change it to reflect your link

Save your footer.php file and re upload if you are using ftp client.

That’s all.


This piece is only  for educational purpose,so i recommend you keep the footer credit to encourage the good work of the developers

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