Google plus is a social network operated by search engine giant Google and has  so many unique features which is lacking in other social network like Facebook and twitter.Just as it is on Facebook, your Google+ friends and circles can share your shared posts, links, and photos, reposting them on their wall if they so desire, thereby exposing the information to their friends list, and possibly may end up being reshared over again by other users.

But the good news is you are at liberty to to block anyone from leaving comments on the post, and also prevent  the post from  being reposted or reshared by others on your friend list,an option which the Facebook lacks. Moreso,you can also apply the option even before you share a post or make a post public.

How To disable Google + Post Comment:

Disabling comments or lock post before sharing the post is quite easy and can be done within a minute .To disable comments and lock resharing,follow the few steps below,

  • Firstly proceed to type your update/post into the box provided.
  • click on the small arrow located to the right side of Add more people bar.
  • select the disable  comment option from the dropdown menu.
  • Then finish your post and hit on the share button.
Note….When you disable comments on a post, other people will no longer be able to leave comments (but they can still +1 and reshare it).

How To disable Google + Post  reshares:

  • Firstly proceed to type your update/post into the box provided,
  • Click on the small arrow located to the right side of Add more people bar
  • Select the disable reshare option from the drop-down menu
  • Complete your update and hit the share button! this option prevents people from further sharing your post

If you have already shared a post and now wish to disable reshare,Simply click the drop-down arrow on the top the post and check the box next to Disable reshares. This option would not have effect on your post that others already re-shared .

If you’d like to enable resharing again, select the drop-down arrow at the post top  and select Enable reshares.

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