5 Tips to Make the Most of Blog Commenting To Gain Traffic and Backlinks

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So many has been said about the importance of blog commenting and Forum posting in the effective building of back-links and driving traffic to both old and new blogs.With all conviction blog commenting among other means of driving traffic to a blog and building backlinks has been proven to be effective only when it is done the right way.Its important to note that all you effort aimed at getting good traffic from blog commenting would be futile if you do not know the tips to follow to get maximum result.

So let me share with you 5 most important tips to get the most out of blog commenting

Strive To Be The First Commenter.

This should be the first thing you should have in mind when you set to comment on other blogs.Simply choose and start following a your niche related blog,study the posting pattern of the blog admin,what time time of the day do they publish new post?,identify this and target such time to make meaningful comment on the blogs your are following.

Try not to do this in the annoying  way by just commenting “first to comment” or similarly, “great post.” Yes you want to be first, but only after you’ve read the article and know you have something great to say about it.

To search for right blogs in your niche you can Google “your niche + blogs.” or you can follow few of your friends blogs.In choosing the right blogs to comment on,it is imperative you chose those with higher page rank than your if you aim to get quality backlinks in addition to gaining more traffic.By been the first to comment on a post,you surely will grab the attention of other blog reader

 Strive To Be On The Top Commenter List

Be active and remain active as a commenter on your chosen for as long as the blog you following keeps on publishing new content always.Been an active commenter doesn’t mean dropping irrelevant and meaningless comments.Comments like nice post,keep it up,lol,etc are considered as irrelevant comments,such comment would not attract other blog readers attention and may even end up been deleted..

To e an active blog commenter,you should consider having a gravatar if you do not have one yet,or consider registering if the blog uses disqus comment system.By so doing the blog owner as well as others who frequently visit the blog comments will begin to recognize you and associate your valuable blog

Reply To The First Commenter

This should be the next option to explore if for any reason you are unable to make it as the first commenter.Some people will ask questions and share opinions in the comments section. You can hit the reply button and start a conversation with those commentators. It shows the author that you are here for the community, not for the shallow promotion.Simply reply to the first,second or third commenter ,agreeing ,disagreeing or raising a very salient question to the point they raised/made.

Post Quality Comments

As effective as the above mentioned tips can be,you should never undermine  the power of quality comments.This will really help to get quick exposure and aid your traffic from the blogs you are following,read through the and ensure you get the points/message been passed,then speak your mind genuinely, this will help you get recognition and before you know it, every blog readers will start visiting your profile  and checking out your site.

Post Negative Comments

All bloggers including me are used to hearing things like great post,keep it up,nice post and  other positive statements. Why not go out of that line ? add something negative and stir a little controversy on the comment session.This does not imply you should cause or start a fight  for no reason.Let your argument be borne out  facts and not with emotions.

Now over to you.So go ahead and write a comment (genuine) on this article. Write how it helped you; add some missing information; create a discussion; write something that you don’t agree with me about; introduce yourself and how you found this post; ask a question; share your experience; add one more point.


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10 Replies to “5 Tips to Make the Most of Blog Commenting To Gain Traffic and Backlinks”

  1. Temilola Globalwalyy

    Hello Ige,
    You are right, blog commenting is one of the best and easiest way of driving unlimited traffic to your blog.
    this is what most people don’t know, hope they learn from you, this deserve a share

    • Qasim

      Hi Temilola,

      Well let’s try out Ige recommendation, blog commenting can drive huge traffic but it’s not easy at all, you should be clever when adding your comment and show expertise. Readers will not click on your link just because you were the first to leave a comment but will only click on it if they find what you said interesting enough. Being one the top will only give you more chances that your comments will be read more. Something that I would like to add that when you are commenting on a commentluv enabled blog just like this blog try to select one of your most relative blog posts to the post that you are reading, something with catchy tittle that makes people want to click on.

  2. Ogus Baba Blog

    Hi Mr Ige,,
    I must say thank you here, this is what really works for me when i start my 9months old blog, coming to what you wrote up there, blog commenting is one of the major characteristic every webmaster (i.e) site owner must take for him or her to be showcase in the ranking world..
    once again thanks for this useful information.

  3. Sourav

    During the first few days of my blog, the only way I could get traffic was by commenting on other blogs. It gave some exposure to my blog. Not only that, I got to meet so many otehr bloggers, became their followers and many followed me back too on my blog. So it increased by reader base also.

  4. pimo

    Blog commenting is good way to get traffic and back links for site same we can get lot of information and can know some new points which we don’t know so blog comments always useful for me if I got a nice blog for read that I have found your blog. I agree with you that some people only do comments for promote their sites and do comments only nice post and etc, All are look like a spammers and which look not good on post comments, Yes I agree you can just write thanks for shared this and very informative post if you really got some good points from blog but don’t have any question to put up then you can write like that informative post but try to write about some blog post where you agree or disagree with the writer or If you have any question then you may ask that will look like good and attract to other and may be it will increase conversation.

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