Taking an active measure to protect your newly acquired blackberry 10 device should be the first thing to do once you are done setting up  blackberry z10.To do so,you need to enable the inherent blackberry protect feature.The blackberry protect is a free service offered by BlackBerry which allow you totrack and locate a lost or stolen BlackBerry 10 device.

Enabling the blackberry protect is easy ,straightforward process and so its worth your time.To enable the blackberry protect from your blackberry Z10,

To enable this feature,you need to be signed into your blackberry I.D

Migrate to settings and tap on the blackberry protect.

The blackberry protect feature is turned off by default,so to enable the blackberry protect,slide the switch from left to right.

Once that is done,your blackberry is now protected in case of theft.

Congratulations,your blackberry is now protected.In case of theft or misplacement,you can now visit  protect.blackberry.com,sign in and locate  the present GPS location of the device.In addiction to locating the GPS location,you’re  also able to play a sound to help you locate it, display a custom message, lock it with a new password, and wipe the device remotely.

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