As a  blogger,you probably would be visiting your own personal blog more often may be 10 to 20 times a day . During these visit you might serve hundreds of page views yourself which  blogger actually keep track of in the traffic stats,for this simple reason,knowing or calculating your actual and real page views becomes a mirage as a false page-views is accumulated in the blogger stats board.

Take for example you get your accumulated page views per day is 10,000 page views out of which 5,000 views are yours,now you can see the real page views is actually 5,000.A serious blogger who is so serious about tracking the page views and the growth of his/her blog would not want page views from his own personal visits to be counted.

If you interested in telling blogger stat not to track your own page views,keep on reading this tutorial.

To stop blogger from tracking your page views from your browser,

1.First login to your blogger account

2.After logging in, from the dashboard go to your site >> Stats >> Overview

3.Now on the right side of your screen, just under the page views statistics select the “Don’t track your own page views

4.At this stage,a new window should pop out asking you if  you want to track your own page views or not.

5.Now select the box next to “Don’t track your own page views” and finally hit the SAVE button.

6.That is all,blogger should at this stage stop counting your own page views using that specific browser unless you use a different browser .


Yet to find a way of doing this in WordPress.If you have or know of any way of doing this for wordpress users,please do let us know in the comment session

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