Samsung Galaxy S4 : Specification And Price in Nigeria

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Recently,World largest phone maker announced its new brand of android phone ,the GALAXY S4 in the New York city.The latest Google andriod powered galaxy S4 is coming as a successor and an improvement to the Galaxy S3 which was released sometimes in 2012.

The brand-new flagship smartphone, which runs the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean,is out with a significantly hardware and it piles on the features. Compared with the extremely successful Galaxy S3 that came before, it’s a firm stride forward rather than a giant a leap, but it raises the bar again for Samsung’s competitors. And by super-sizing the screen and packing in so much specialized software, the Galaxy S4 sets itself even farther apart from the iPhone.

While the phone is already started selling in t US,Canada,India and the UK,it wont be available in Nigeria and other African countries until later part of the year,but you can start placing orders from prom the major telecom operators and some leading online retail stores in Nigeria.

 How Much Does Galaxy S4 cost in Nigeria?

MTN Nigeria is offering the Samsung galaxy S4 for a pre order price of N108,000 only (No deposit required).Pre order has already begun and would run through out the month of April 2013.To order for your Galaxy s4 from  mtn,simply fill out the pre order  form available on mtn Samsung Galaxy S4 order page.

To pre order for the samsung galaxy S4 from,simply head on to konga pre order page or call 01 460 5555 to order @ N108,000 only

Check out the Samsung galaxy S4 full specification here

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4 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 : Specification And Price in Nigeria”

  1. Oloyede

    hey ige, am seriously looking for a good phone for managing on mobile phone. I think samsung galaxy would be a preferred phone to this smartphone am using right now to comment but there is a major problem……

    Guess the problem….its cash.

    • Ige Orhionkpaibima

      Helo Oloyede,Samsung galaxy definitely would just be ok for your blogging ,but now that you don’t have cash at hand i think you should make good use of the available one pending when you are buoyant enough to go for the galaxy.B?ut if you think you can meet my condition,then contact me and lets talk so i give you the money needed,how about that?

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