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6 Possible Reasons Why Google May Ban Your Adsense Account


The ultimate goal of every blogger is to to create a great blog where he/she can generate some cool cash either through third party ads,direct ads,or even through sponsored posts.While it is getting harder by the day to get an approved adsense account,it is even more harder to keep and maintain one without hitches,and without falling prey of the stringent Google adsense  policies.It is so sad to get banned/suspended by Google adsense after the difficult process of getting approved adsense account.So sad is the fact that you will never be paid your accrued balance before your adsense account was suspended.Everyday,hundreds if not thousands of publishers account is banned/suspended for violation of some rules and some for reasons unknown to the publisher but known to google,for this reasons publishers still with active accounts must do all within their power to protect their adsense account.

Presented below are the top  possible reasons why most account is been disabled,and which you must/should obey to stay protected


This should not be misunderstood for abuse of Google tos.Its so common seeing so many bloggers writing on topics that abuses some of Google products like how to download  YouTube video,how to download paid apps from Google store free of charge,forgetting that  these products are owned y Google .These practices if not stopped can get your account suspended without prior notice from Google.So if you think you have any of such contents on your blog,i advise you  head straight to get rid of them before the big Google does that for your


Formatting your ads to blend with content is a sure way to increase your cpc,even the big Google advises that you mimic format,but that doesn’t in real sense means your ad units should look exactly like your blog and its content.What the big Google actually frowns at is engage in acts that might make your site visitors mistake your ads for your blog content.This include placing ads under deceptive tittle that suggest they are not ads,blending your ad units with website content thereby making them not distinguishable from your web content.These acts usually a ttract a straight ban from Google adsense without prior notice/warning,you may only be notified if you are a valued  google adsense premium publishers.


Your Google adsense earning is based on two factors namely: per click and per impression basis.You earn whenever a blog visitor click on an ad on your blog and also earn per thousand impression based on the number of  blog page view .When your page impression is unnecessarily increased,you may be calling for the big Google ban.You unknowingly inflate your page impression whenever you work on your blog,view and preview to see the effected changes,too much impression from one browser could mean a fraudulent one and may result to an outright ban.

To prevent this ,if you are a Google adsense publisher on the blogspot platform,it is recommended you prevent blogger from tracking and counting your own page views,or you can as well install the  Ad block for Mozilla or chrome

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Clicking The Ads On Your Own Site

Excited by your adsense approval? i  guess you are as excited as i was when i got mine approved.But never get excited to the extent of wanting to click  or experiment on  the ads appearing on your page,doing this  surely will get you kicked out of the adsense programme.Google advises that you type in  the URL of any advertiser appearing on your page into your browser address bar if you had love to get more information about the specific ad and the advertisers.

Illegal Content/Prohibited Contents/Offensive Words

Some specific  word and contents are prohibited by Google adsense and as such discourage publishers from using such words otherwise they may e ban from the adsense programme.Sexually explicit contents/words,abusive words and gambling contents are such words not allowed by Google adsense.To keep yourself and your account protected,it is recommended you do a manual scan of your page for such forbidden content for outright removal.

More Than One Adsense Account

Currently,the Google adsense programme is restricted to one account per publisher only.This in essence means you are not allowed/suppose to have multiple account under the same payee details.If you must consider having another adsense account,it must be registered with a separate email id,payee name and address different from the one you have on your approved adsense account.This is a common reason why some publishers get kicked out.

These are just few ,but most frequent reasons for which some adsense publishers account are suspended/banned.Google adsense policies is getting more strict by the day ,so you may want to adhere strictly to these rule to avoid been shown the way out.

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  1. Google adsense is very picky and sometimes it could ban without doing nothing !
    I really hate they way they treat the publisher !

  2. These days it is a big risk to get your adsense account banned and it is not easy to get a new account approved.Really nice article….

  3. Google is the largest company that is rendering ads to publishers all over the world right now, because of this, they can do and undo. What i always advise publishers is that they should avoid all possible reasons that can make their adsense account banned and also not to rely completely on goggle for advertising as there are other means of making money from a blog or website. @Ige, thanks for posting this important article. Thanks.

  4. I see a lot of people complaining about getting booted out of Adsense, and some wondering if it’s common practice. Google wants partners for a long time and if you are trying to stay within the guidelines you shouldn’t have a problem. If you do get banned by Adsense, it is worth appealing. If you’re not screwing about, you can get your account reinstated and funds returned. Just don’t do anything stupid. 🙂

    • I beg to disagree with your stand sir,sometimes Google misbehaves,i was kicked out for reason of Invalid activities which i know nothing about and no much explanation was given


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