First thing, do you really need a camera? Well, who don’t. This is not the quick check-up to get one for yourself. All cameras do the same but at different dynamics and we need to know what suits us better. Here I am going to run you through things that you should keep in mind to figure out a suitable camera for you.

Now, We all, most of us, have smartphones having good camera with lot of features along with it. What makes you call it good? Megapixel count is the one foremost we look at and flash is almost there in every new smartphone but this in no way does abstain me from thinking of Digital camera even when I have considerable good camera in my phone. Reason is very simple, I want to have the best and I feel Digital camera is the way to go.


This is not the only factor to keep in mind and it can’t be everything, you see a 8MP phone camera beating 12MP camera phone with different virtues such as using cmos in fixing the pixels. To make a picture appear on the screen, it need a formula to keep things in place that includes color optimization, exposure, focussing, etc. This methodology differs from one to another and you need to find how they actually work. These days most of the Digital cameras sport at least 5MP and you need to choose one definitely above this mark if you are going to print the captures and use it for high-end standards.

 Point and shoot or DSLR

Entertainment and quality should not always be related with level of technology. We all will surely want a DSLR but does that meant for us? Not for all. In other ways, it could just be a waste of money to bet on DSLR when you could easily do better with point and shoot camera. Difference between the both is size at first, DSLR is equipped with removable lenses, higher image sensors, Higher ISO speed, and they look bulky than the thin looking Point and shoot cameras.

Assume that you have got a camera with high MegaPixel count and with low image sensor, is that a good deal? Not at all. Because we have heavy high pixels but lesser image sensor which dampens the quality of Images. So it makes sense to buy a Camera having better image sensor no matter how heavy is MegaPixel.

Although, DSLR is not for convenient use, you can’t take it to party and keep clicking unless you are professional photographer. What suits you for quick capturing is the Point and shoot, you can manage to get a better Point and shoot camera at low budget as compared to DSLR. All that depends on where you use and why.

Optical Zooming

let me tell you, there are two types people talk about zooming, one is Optical and the others is Digital. For now, Digital zooming is useless unless you want your picture so big and wide. hence now concentrate on only Optical Zooming, along with MegaPixel count and Image Sensor, you make sure that you get a camera with at least 3X Optical zooming.

But before jumping in and buying a camera based on the data labels you see could be a bad deal. You also need to check for reviews and know valuable insights on how it works, it is not that you have to shell out huge bucks to get a high-end camera but you can better start off with low budget Top Point and Shoot Cameras and gradually you will get a sense on what exactly you should get for future use. If you have got any already, share your experience with us in comments below.

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