Identifying Relevant and Good Blogs for SQL Server Administration Outsourcing

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Outsourced SQL server administration seems to be the best thing that happened, in SQL server services I mean. Second to it were the blog sites claiming to give you the best services for outsourcing the sql server administration.

Just like all other topics and fields, weeding out the good articles from bogus blog sites. Some would look legitimate how to’s and tips but some were articles that had been spun a hundred times. This is where the power of deducement and common sense should kick in.

We should know that some of these SQL server blogs handing out services might just be links to certain sites that aren’t that credible in the first place. That is when you put your business at stake.

So how do we know we are in the right blog to lead us to a credible client site? What will be the preempting signs we should know? These things cannot be perfect, but then, here they are.

Formal Blogs

Blogs which are formal are usually a start. Formal blogs were written with care. They are posted at credible and good blog sites too. No twinkly borders nor out of the topic expressions inside the article. There should be no pop up ads in it two, if there are it will be from a related topic posted by a webmaster.

Flawless Grammar

Blogs which has a flawless grammar. But some blogs do have some typos, do not be discouraged. Look at the articles itself. Some articles will be a copy of other blogs you already saw and some are a poor copy. Meaning it has been spun and the company never bothered checking, as long as it has links in it. Or the company does not care enough to hire a writer. That’s it. Ask yourself, does it say what it wants to say? Does it cover sql server database outsourcing or does it only bluff to get away with a few clicks?

Authored Blogs

Blogs which are authored. So this usually can be a start for you. You can find the authored blogs more credible. Authors can be verified by Google+ authorship program. These can be well research and usually were the blogs which other bloggers base articles from aside from the site itself.

Blog speaks and SQL speaks.

The blogs should be familiar with the blogging language and SQL language and not just bluffing. Meaning the blogs should speak authority and no winding and spurious sentences.

Those were just few things to remember. There will be more to know the good SQ: server database blogs out there, and a good lot percent lies on your judgment the remaining one is spotting the things I said above.

The process of deducting and inducting can be time consuming but these will lead you to some great and credible sites that can offer you the best and secured outsourcing services. So if you are after quality, take some time. You never know, you might chance upon some good articles like this. Just partly kidding.

About the Author:
Jessica is an IT and a tech blogger. She focuses mainly on big data topics and the advantage of outsourced SQL server administration. She is currently living in Sydney, Australia and happily lives with her husband and beautiful daughter.

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