How To Enable REPLY COMMENT OPTION on Facebook Pages

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World largest social media,Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for comments posted to a pages timeline.This new feature the reply option allows for a reply to comments on on facebook pages

Once this feature is activated from the page admins dashboard,meaning there wont e any need for tagging which before now is the only means of a kind of replying or calling for the attention of a commenter.

The addition of this new feature to facebook pages is laudable as it allows admins reply directyly to specific comment and also enable the pages fans respond in similar manner making the conversation a two way conversation.
How Do I Activate/Enable REPLY Option On Facebook Comments?

The new Facebook reply on comment option is not enabled by default,so you would have to enable it manually from your page admin area.Facebook has already started alerting some page administrators of the new reply option and how to activate it.If you are a page administrator,you can check your page timeline for the important alert on coment reply.It should appear on the page timeline as shown below.


But if you have not been alerted,you can follow the few steps below to get it activated.

STEP1. Goto your page timeline ,select “Edit Page” ,

STEP2.From the edit page drop down menu,select “Manage Permissions”

STEP3.In the manage permission area,scroll down the page to select the button/box next to Allow replies to comments on my Page

STEP5. Select “Save Changes” to effect your changes

Please note that this feature will only be active on new comment made on post and so wont have effect on comment made before this feature was enebled.Once enabled,it will usually take some few hours for it to be fully effective.


Have you enabled the reply comment feature on your facebook page? Lets hear your view on this awesome feature


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  1. Hi! Thank you for your article, but this seems to be an article related to FB created pages open to the public. Do you know how I would enable this feature on my personal page? I see everyone else has this but me?! Strange. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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