The Android operating system back in 2008 introduced a great security feature it termed pattern lock. The pattern lock helps to avoid any unauthorized entry into your Android device and also assist in avoiding any accidental tapping on your Android powered device.

The pattern lock feature on Android devices is in addition to the pin, password and face-lock present in some Android devices. In order to use this Android security feature, you must have to enable it from the setting on your Android device. To learn how to do that, follow my simple steps below

Step 1 . First tap on the Menu option/button on your Android screen

Step 2.  Then select the settings button/option to gain access to your device settings

Step 3.From the setting menu,select location and security

Step 4. Then select setup screen lock/set unlock pattern depending on your device
Step 5. Select pattern

Step 6. At this point you have to draw your desired unlock pattern on the screen ,draw the same pattern again to confirm when prompted ensuring it connect at most at least four dots.

Step 7.You can choose to make your pattern simple or complex ,its up to you,but ensure its a memorable one as it is now your pass key into your andriod device.

Thats all.Whenever your phone goes off or sleeps,you will be required to enter the same pattern of lock you choosed earlier in order to gain access

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