For many small and medium size businesses, it can be too expensive to run an MS Exchange server on-site. This is why Hosted Microsoft Exchange is being chosen by more small and medium size businesses. As the world’s most popular business messaging platform, Microsoft Exchange is the the leading platform for e-mail,  unified messaging, and calendaring. It is the communication tool that enables a company’s workforce to collaborate and communicate in the office or on-the-go. The following is a list of the business benefits of acquiring Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

1.  Hosted Microsoft Exchange involves an expert IT firm managing the technology

The business just pays a monthly fee to use it, giving small companies the same advantages as large corporations, but at an economical price. Implementation of Hosted Microsoft Exchange is easy and quick. Within minutes of signing up,  the Exchange provider can often get email up and running in minutes.

2.  Businesses benefit from effective data protection. Exchange’s default connection to Outlook (RPC over HTTPS) creates a secure connection between user Outlook client and the Exchange server. Users of Microsoft Exchange will benefit from the safeguarding of their data from such malicious elements as viruses, spam, and more. As well, advanced security features encrypt all email communications keeping them private and protected.

3.  With its enterprise-class reliability and availability, businesses can keep their communications flowing. There is trusted communications within the organization, without increasing costs. Integration of Exchange is uncomplicated and seamless. Users can better respond in a much faster manner from work, home, or when traveling. As well, there is normally limitless number of email addresses. The large disk space per mailbox ensures users never have to delete important emails from the inbox. HTTPS and IMAP are available email protocols to ensure secure and safe email retrieval.

4.  From a single inbox, users  can access all of their communications, including email, fax, voice and mail. It is convenient and a business avoids the expense of managing separate communication systems. There is no need for added services or software. Also, by having a well-rounded email disaster recovery system, businesses benefit from a high level of reliability, both in-house and for their customers.

5.  Productivity and Group Collaboration is improved. Using Microsoft Hosted Exchange makes it easier for users to find and share data. It is easier for users to find and share documents, data, and schedules, from anywhere in the world. Users also benefit from advanced features such as email, calendars, files, and contacts that are always synced. Users also have mobile access on devices like the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and more.

6.  Shared calendars are beneficial as they allow employees to view coworkers’ availability to arrange or reschedule meetings, plan projects, book meeting rooms, etc.  The shared task lists that permit ‘to do’ lists to be created and assigned are available to all users in a group. Shared contacts ensures important contact details will never be lost. In addition, posting files and notes  on the shared folders can make it much like a virtual message board which helps to improve worker efficiency and teamwork.

7. There is no need for a big, expensive IT department. A Hosted Microsoft Exchange company consists of IT professionals that work 24/7 to manage their client’s Exchange service. Businesses can then direct the money saved to other important areas of the business. Microsoft Exchange also eliminates the need to physically update the infrastructure on-site. Businesses have the latest technologies as they occur, rather than waiting for the IT department to acquire them.


Business staff are now more dispersed and mobile, often engaged in business activities from many different locations using multiple platforms. To remain productive, employees require full access to email wherever they are and at anytime. By investing in a Hosted Microsoft Exchange plan, businesses are investing in their mobile workforce, security, efficiency, and productivity.Microsoft Exchange hosting is a business model that gives businesses of all sizes the same professional email capabilities as the large Fortune 500 companies, without the huge price tag.

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