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When Is It Right To monetise A Blog?


Everyone involved in  blogging  does that for some reasons.While some blog for the fun of it,so many blog to make a living out of it.No doubt even the hobby bloggers would love to earn little cash from their blogs if the earning mechanism is put in place.

Making money blogging is surely possible by monetizing your blog in many different ways,but the big question is when is the right time to monetize your blog,what amount of traffic is needed before you can begin to think of monetizing your blog?.

Here are some useful consideration before you monetize your blog

Have a reasonable amount of traffic

Before you consider monetizing your blog,you need to have and drive a reasonable amount of traffic to your blog.Without traffic its hard to make money from third party ads publishers and even more difficult making money from direct adverts on your blog.So it is recommended you keep track on your traffic in flow,where they are coming from before you think of monetizing your blog.But the big question most often ask ed by new bloggers, is the when ,to and how much of traffic is reasonable before one can monetize a blog?My simple answer  to that simple question is  The more the merrier!,but  a traffic flow of  about 100 to 200 unique visitors per day should be good enough for you to monetize your blog.


 Wait for a considerable length of time

While some pro bloggers recommends waiting for a considerable length of time before monetizing your blog,others recommends  monetizing your blog right from day one.Those in support of waiting for some times does so on the premise of garnering more and reasonable amount  of unique contents and also a way of not putting off your growing and loyal readers,While those that supports the day one monetisation approach does so on the premise of getting your blog reader accustomed to your ads displayed.

It is recommended you wait for some months before monetizing your blog,but if you must monetize your blog from the very first month,then you must have to work on getting a huge followers ,and also having the right contents which naturally will fetch you lots of traffic from search engines

What Monetisation Approach?

In simple term,what method are you going to adopt?,your own product /service? or affiliate marketting?.These are some crucial questions you must ask yourself before you jump into  blog monetisation

So What Time is Right To Monetize a Blog?

In general,there is never a clear answer to to the question of  the right time to monetize a blog.It all depends on you.What is your aim of blogging?,you blog for fun? or strictly to make some extra cash?.If your aim is to make cool money,why wait for  two or three months before you can monetize your blog when you can do it from day one?

So in your opinion,when is the right time to monetize a blog?


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    • hi,you do not have to wait for years before u can earn from it,i practically got 7k as a commision in the first two months,it depend on how u promote your link


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