HowTo Stop/Turn off Facebook Sound Notification

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Recently,Facebook introduced/enabled the sound notification feature which alerts a user of any new and ongoing interaction within the popular Facebook social media.While the sound notification feature was specifically reserved for chat notification,Facebook has now extended the sound notification beyond that to include notification from other updates from friends within the community.

The sound notification feature is no doubt a cool one as it alerts of of happenings on the site especially when you have other things doing on the net,but totally disturbing and thus unacceptable to someone like me.


If you are disturbed by this sound and now seeking to disable it immediately,then this is a good opportunity.Disabling sound notifications can be done in just a few steps as highlighted below

login to your Facebook  account and click on the gear icon located to the top right hand corner of your Facebook page

From the drop down menu,click on the account settings

Click on the notification  option in the menu located to the left hand side of the page

Click to expand all  notification sound on and then uncheck the box next to play a sound when each new notification is received and click on save.

The above process  should cease the that annoying sound notification you hear from any update within your account.

Did you find the above process  useful? Do you actually like that  Facebook notification sound? Let your voice be heard.

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