How To Transfer A Blogspot Blog Ownership To A New Admin/Owner

A blogger/blog owner may want/wish to transfer the authority or ownership of a blog for several reasons probably you designed the blog for a client or customer,you sold out the blog ,you  no longer like the old email sddress or just for any reason and now wish to transfer the ownership of the blog to the new owner with a different email account.

If you are new to the blogging world and wish to have a transfer of blog between two separate email account ,you need not worry because you have found the right resources that will guide you on how to transfer a blogger blog from one admin to another admin.This  tutorial will also  show you how to add author to your blogger blog .

Changing blog ownership basically requires adding /making the person to who you are making the transfer an author in the blog which you wish to transfer.

The steps involved in adding an author to your blog has already been covered on  HOW TO ADD GUEST AUTHOR AND ADMINISTRATOR TO BLOGGER BLOG.It invoves sending out an invitation to the person whom you wish to make an admin,after which the person is required to accept/decline the invitation.

If the person accept your invitation,you the have to promote the person from been an author to an admin (also covered on  HOW TO ADD GUEST AUTHOR AND ADMINISTRATOR TO BLOGGER BLOG).

And finally to  make the second party the sole admin of the blog,he is now expected to login to the blogger dashboard and follow similar process of adding author to the blog to remove any other admin/author associated with the blog…

Below is a  pictorial summary of the whole process

how to transfer blog between accounts


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