How To Make/Create Sticky Post In WordPress Blog

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Sticky post are posts similar to pinned posts on Facebook pages which admins have choosen to display permanently on the home page of the blogger blog usually to pass out important information like contests and other freebies. Creating a sticky post on blogger blog is easy and quick as possible.

We have written about how to create or make sticky post in a blogspot blog,and also covered how to make sticky post  on Facebook page timeline but we never covered how to make sticky posts in a wordpress blog which is a topic we have considered to cover today.

Making sticky post in WordPress is no such a big deal and should not be taken as one.Making sticky post in WordPress is as simple as making a sticky post in a blogspot blog.

To make a post sticky,simply login to your WordPress admin area

Click to open up the post editor

Create a new post the usual way if you are to create one or open to edit an existing post

While on the post editor page,look toward your upper right side of the post editor where you will see the save draft,preview and publish button

Click the visibility field  area (Visibility: Public Edit)

Click to check the box which says MAKE THIS POST STICKY

When done writing your post click the publish button or the update button for an existing post

NB,,Your post will continue to remain sticky until you reverse the process by unchecking the  box above

That is all. I hope it helps

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  1. Shashank Bhattaarai

    Thanks for your tips it was seriously helpful rather i want to make featured post sticky and it really helped me.

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