How To Get A Verified Pinterest Account For Free Traffic And Free Backlink

If you have seen that white check-mark on a red background with the blog or website URL on someones Pinterest profile,it means that person holds a verified Pinterest account.It a way Pinterest uses to fight against spammers on its platform.

pinterest verified

But on the part of its users mainly website owners/bloggers,having a verified Pinterest account increase their online visibility by creating a do-follow link  and a free flow of traffic to your blog/website.If you are have been getting lots of traffic from pinterest,getting a verified pinterst account is another sure way you can increase traffic flow to your blog.If you care about getting free traffic ofr increasing traffic from pinterest,here is how to go about getting a verified Pinterest for easy  and increased traffic>

a verified pinterest account

  • First login in to your pinterest account the usual way
  • Then click on the setting option from the drop down menu
  • You should then be taking to the setting page where you can change/update your profile
  • Scroll down to the button of the page until you see a box where you are ask for your website URL
  • Enter your website URL,There should be a Verify Website button to the right only after you enter your website/blog URL
  • You will  e taken to a page where you have the option to choose betwwen verifying your pinterest account using the Html tag and using the html file
  • Choose the Html tag option,copy the meta tag to your clip board
  • Login to your blog/website admin page,open the html source code of your site
  • Paste the meta tag you copied earlier on  just after <head> in your  blog template/website index page
  • Click to prerview your template onorder to avoid error.If all thing went well,click to save the changes made to your website,go back to your pinterest page,click the click here link under the given meta tag  inorder for pinterst to check and complete the verification process.
  • If sucessful,you will see the verified URL on your pinterest,if not you will see an error message displayed

verified pinterest

Now you can safely remove the HTML meta tag from your blog or website if you so wish.

What is your thought about this pinterest verification?Hope you will implement this  for for your blog/website? Have you got any question for us?

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